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  1. Help: MRZ099 Custom Firmware/English Language Files

    Anybody have any info, looks like I may have to buy a new head unit....
  2. Im looking for the correct english language files or either a custom firmware for the MRZ099 I have managed to get into the menu using the button combo below. "To enter this test mode in the MRZ009, follow these steps: 1. Press and hold the NAVI button (right button with Japanese characters). 2. Press AV, then the left button with Japanese characters (AV + left button with characters alternately 3 times). 3. Release the NAVI button and the device will reboot into test mode. " this is the first screen that appears after reboot (using google translate) I then selected "maintenance" next i am presented with the next screen below nothing shows in the HDD 1-4 directories (they look empty) so i now select "NAND" and i am presented with the following screen below next i selected "system" then "Language" there is nothing in the language folder? this image is from the "forced program write" from the first menu, i am presuming this is where i would write new firmware/files to the system? this is from the "about" screen in the main menu (using google translate) so my question is how and where can i change the language files? any further info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. 1-dir screen.jpg