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  1. i have the same problem, but i cant acces the files no more, cant find them
  2. Hello, ive seen a lot of topics about this but iam new to this and i need help trying to solve my problem. i have seen the video on youtube about getting in the radios operative system and deliting some files in order for it to work again. the problem is it says system configuration and the reboots after a while of being playinf FM music. i think the problem was me putting a usb pen in hte service usb port, i thought it was for usb external mp3 input. now it queeps rebooting and i cant figure it out to put to work again. the files onlyne are no longer available, can someone help me please tryi
  3. Hello, iam having that problem on my f900bt, but i cant find the files no more, can someone help please
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