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  1. I did find out the yellow colored input is a RGB INPUT. My WRC is the jack above the one I’m talking about. I think the jack I’m talking about is a audio input. -Bill
  2. I currently own a AVIC 6400NEX. On the back there are two connections that aren’t in the names in Pioneer’s diagram. There is one below the WRC (wired remote controller) and beside the mic input. There’s also yellow colored input over by the A/V port. Does anyone know what these ports are? Thanks. -Bill
  3. I do have the purple/white to purple/white. I don’t have the red/white connected to anything. I’ve watched some videos where they splice in a red acc wire so the camera is constantly on while the vehicle is running. -Bill
  4. I just recently installed a Pioneer AVIC-w6400NEX in my 2018 Ford F-150. I replaced the small 4.2 screen. I used a PAC RPK4-FD2201 install kit. Everything is working fine except my backup camera. It’s just a dark screen. I have went through the settings on the 6400. I’m positive I have them set correctly. When I installed the PAC kit, their harness had a red/white wire coming off of the harness. Their legend for the wire said 12v+ Programmable Output. I did not hook this wire up because I wasn’t sure of it’s purpose and if it should be hooked up to a solid red wire. Here’s a link to
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