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  1. NEX Proud Owner

    Since the post back in May the bypass worked flawlessly, ty all.
  2. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    I don't have the Maestro RR installed (On my "To Do" list) so, I'm not sure how it would be installed nor if it affects the bypass/touch screen function toggle.
  3. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Ty, on another thread I mentioned that it did. removed the microbypass and hardwired everything and did the touch screen bypass.
  4. NEX Proud Owner

    A little update... Yesterday morning before leaving to Marco Island I took things apart and reconnected the GPS and my mistake was I turned off the unit completely instead of source as mentioned above. I then did the bottom left touch for 10 seconds + and it said "Set On" so it still works as mentioned on 8500 ty... Tested it on the trip every function at our fingertips while the car is in motions.
  5. NEX Proud Owner

    From what I remember They were in the home screen where you can quick select your options. Then they pressed "AV" and it opened a menu. At the bottom they hit off and their screen went into a screen saver/standby mode. Mine went to black. I since my last post removed the PAC bypass and hardwired the parking brake (green) to ground (black)... just disconnected the GPS which ended up working for me. I'll keep tinkering with the screen option to see if I can get it to work that way and reconnect the GPS tomorrow. ty sir
  6. NEX Proud Owner

    The on screen bypass doesn't work on the 8500. I turned off the display from the AV menu and the screen went black and held my finger in the space where everyone said for 10 to 15 seconds and no prompt showed. Unless you know of a trick with the w8500nex, let me know.
  7. NEX Proud Owner

    I was tinkering with my head unit yesterday and the PAC (easy bypass cable thing) wasn't doing as it's suppose to... I disconnected that and connected the appropriate wiring to do a manual bypass and still the video was restricted even after grounding the parking brake(green) to ground and the remote directly... I had a hunch since the GPS was reading my car's speed via satellite to disconnect the GPS cable from the head unit. This allowed for video playback while the car was moving (tested at higher speeds up to 60MPH without any restrictions). I'm not sure if this was the same issue with the 8400NEX but it does suck to purchase a higher end unit to eliminate the built in GPS... still, google maps is better than Pioneer's naviextra package and simply screen mirroring to the device would fix the not having GPS thing but not worth the money with those limitations. All-in-all, my 8500NEX plays videos/mirrors without limitations just GPS is down for the time being.
  8. New Member! AVIC FTW!

    Hello all, glad I stumbled on this forum. Looking forward to getting a lot of insight. I recently installed an AVIC-W8500NEX and a set of Pioneer 6x9's (TS-A6970F/TS-A6960F) Installed it in a 2012 Sentra
  9. NEX Proud Owner

    I've had this in (AVIC-W8500NEX) for a little over 2 weeks now, and loving it. I Previously owned an AVIC-N1 back in the days in my old 97 Altima... I'm happy I was able to find this forum for questions and such. I see there are ways to "Jailbreak" these machines now and I will be reading things through to see if anything applies to me for the possibility of "unlocking" this device for more fun . If there is anything I should know feel free to post it here because it's been quite sometime since I've owned/operated an AVIC device and I'm open to any tips/tricks/suggestions. The old Pioneer GPS system was a lot better than this one IMO... hell google maps is better lol. I personally do not like using Android Auto... feels dumb and limiting. I also went with the 5-way YS-A6970F in the front and the 4-way TS-A6960F for the rear.
  10. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Does this work on the 8500NEX?