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  1. Hello, I’ve got a w8400 that’s having an issue with OBD connection detection and functionality. I’ve had it connected and working for a while but noticed recently it won’t connect to my Jeep. I have the 2 wire dongle plugged into the Jeep’s OBD port but it won’t read it. I have multiple WiFi and Bluetooth OBD readers that connect and work without issue but the radio won’t work. I’ve tried the enable on demand and always enable but still no dice. I’ve also tried multiple maestro master resets too. Any suggestions ? 2014 Jeep Wrangler W8400 on 1.01 firmware Maestro HRN-RR-C
  2. I noticed today there was a small spot that appeared to be growing under the screen of my radio, no unusual heat or anything but just a cosmetic spot. I powered it off and the spot slowly went away. There was no performance issues and everything was working properly. The radio is a W8400
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