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  1. AutoEQ - Remeasure?

    - EDIT - Never mind, I found out to remeasure after putting my parking brake on. Go figure.
  2. w8500 Navigation Issues

    @Nickho I ended up having my car audio guys move the antenna on the dashboard. It's immediately improved the situation and now I can usually get a lock in a few seconds versus 10-15 minutes. Go figure.
  3. w8500 Navigation Issues

    @oli993, my car audio guys installed it, so I'm not 100% sure. What's odd is sitting outside of my house right now, with 5 GPS and 3 GLONASS sats in the green, it still had my location miles away from where I really was. I'll see about having my car audio guys move it and see if that helps. @Nickho I don't have anything hooked into my OBDII port. Do you? Do you know where your GPS is placed?
  4. w8500 Navigation Issues

    I've got a brand new W8500 installed in my 2008 Toyota 4Runner. Overall, it's great, with one major exception. The GPS can take 10-15 minutes or more to track my location. I first noticed this when using Wireless CarPlay. My location would be wildly incorrect. At first, I thought there was an issue with my phone, but I then realized I was experiencing the issue with the built-in navigation. That confirms that when connected wirelessly, the phone uses the 8500's GPS instead of the built-in GPS chip. Which would be fine, if the 8500's GPS actually tracked my location quickly enough. This morning it took about 5 minutes to connect to some satellites and even after connecting to 4 GPS and 1 GLONASS satellites, the GPS still thought I was miles away from my real location. The Unit is reporting that the GPS antenna is connected OK. And over time, it will eventually get my correct location. This is worse after long periods of non-use. Is anyone else experiencing (or experienced) this? Any solutions?