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  1. I think I found the problem. In the 3D connection, the distance section says km instead of mph. Is there any way I could change that to mph? My system setting is in English so I don’t understand.
  2. How to reset speed pulse, I am connected in white/orange wire
  3. 2003 dodge ram 1500 4.7liter, connected to the white/orange wire at the antilock brake controller behind the battery. The white/orange wire comes straight from the PCM, the speed is updating in the head unit, its just the speed in the head unit is double than what i am actually going
  4. Just connected the speed pulse wire and when i check the speed pulse in the connection menu, the speed is adjusting like it suppose to when im driving, the thing is that the speed is on the head unit is showing about double the speed that i am actually going. It is the correct wire i tapped into using the wiring diagram. Will the speed take time to eventually get correct?
  5. no i was just wondering because the kenwood head unit with the Garmin gps only used the supplied antenna
  6. If the head unit has a gps antenna that comes with it, why i cannot operate the apple maps in carplay without turning on location services inside the phone. It should operate without location services on if it has its own gps antenna. Any ideas
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