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    Dear all, My mother in law owns a F900BT with which she never had any issues till recently. All of a sudden the GPS position is a few hundred meters of. With her car parked in front of her house, the AVIC believes she is @ different location Navigating still works, but is without any use if the AVIC does not know the correct location So I guess the GPS must be recalibrated. Found service manual suggesting GGV1322 Service Test Disk and GPS receiver test **** 1. Copy a "TestMode" folder under “TestMode” folder on GGV1322 to a SD card. Note: "TestMode" folder must be on the SD card root. 2. Download a ID file from the Service Site and copy the file to the "TestMode" folder on the SD card. **** Anyone who can link me STD ? And where do I get the ID file from ? Thank you very much for your help Jurgen