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  1. AVIC-W8500NEX Sporadically Reboots

    What make vehicle are you in?
  2. AVIC-W8500NEX Sporadically Reboots

    Any more feedback on this issue? Also, can you all post up what vehicle you are using? This seems to be happening more frequently in Toyota's from what I've see online. We have this unit in our 2015 Highlander and it just did one of these reboots for the first time. Also using Maestro. The more concerning part... the stock unit was doing this a BUNCH hence why we replaced it with the 8500.
  3. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Hello! New here and soon to be owner of the AVIC-W8500NEX (well my wife will be at least). I wanted to ask a quick question regarding the on-screen process vs. a mini-bypass device. What are the pro's and con's of either or? I'm tempted to go the device route since I already have one and for rest assurance. Anyone have any opinions about this?