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  1. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    Tried this file multiple times and Im still getting the same error
  2. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    Model Number on the top says 5200, see attached pictures.
  3. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    Definitely had both of these correct. This is all the advice pioneer gave me over the phone.
  4. First Timer here, I just bought a car with an AVIC-5200NEX in it and the nav will never start up properly. I'm trying to update the firmware to hopefully fix this and I keep getting the following error "Update File Version Error, Please check the version of update file and try again" My current version is 1.00 I've tried multiple thumb drives, reformatting each thumb drive, extracting with windows and 7zip, 2 different computers, restoring factory default settings. Any help or advice would be greatly appeciated.