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  1. sph da120 sd internal please

    when this comes out the card is released
  2. sph da120 sd internal please

  3. sph da120 sd internal please

    To fix the cards you have to put the file TESTMODE_N.KEY and the card locked in the sd slot of the radio in a fat32 pen. You turn on the radio with the pen connected and the card disconnected. when the software error image comes out you connect the card and wait 5 or 10 seconds you disconnect it and reconnect it and wait for a blue screen to appear that says mode change.You can remove the card and connect it to the computer that is already working and you put the image in again.
  4. sph da120 sd internal please

    Well, it works well for me I have recorded the iso with win32diskimager in a new sd and the radio works perfectly
  5. sph da120 sd internal please

    The image is installed with the program win32 diskimager.You have to put a new sd in the pc and install it with win32diskimager.the image download it from the mega link.
  6. sph da120 sd internal please

  7. sph da120 sd internal please

    there is a sd with gps included i have seen it on ebay
  8. sph da120 sd internal please

    what I want is to unblock my new sd card that when I put it in the radio has been blocked and the pc does not detect it
  9. sph da120 sd internal please

    I think it does not have gps
  10. How can I unlock internal SD for PC to recognize it? I recorded an image downloaded from the forum and put it in a new sd but it remains in the pioneer logo, but now I connect it to the PC and the win32manager does not recognize it