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  1. Dash mods for 99 silverado D3 install

    i got my bezels on ebay dirt cheap try car-parts.com too or find a local Keystone automotive try that good luck
  2. Dash mods for 99 silverado D3 install

    here is my next project kicker solo baric l7's 10" with 1200.1 amp and sub control knob only thing that sucks is d3 puts out low pre out volts my old pioneer the deh-p8000r with the twin towers was like 5 volts for subs, this is like 1 or 2 i think oh well still slams
  3. Dash mods for 99 silverado D3 install

    i made the little bracket to bolt to and just used the 2 existing screws on each side of radio you will see them!! dont be scared its simple to get dash board off i can get it off in under 5 min now its really easy you just need to pull very hard straight towards you and low dont pull in an upward motion or you will daamage the mounts then you do need to trim your dash bezel which i had one previously trimed from another vehicle thats why it looks like shit but if you take your time and use trim ring supllied with d3 you can make it look perfect, i since cut a new one and it looks perfect!!! good luck guys its very easy and the 2 wires you need for nav are simple to one right in harness and othere on left door post sill very easy!!!!!
  4. Dash mods for 99 silverado D3 install

    more it works so nice look factory
  5. Dash mods for 99 silverado D3 install

    thier is no need to move your heater controls this goes for all chevy pickups late 99-2003 and tahoes!! first follow this post then do the mods i did http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php? ... highlight= mine came out so nice its perfect and i just bought another truck last night so i just switched everything over in under 2 hrs any questions email me bigtime1134@aol.com here are my pics guys
  6. 1999-2003 Silverado tips and tricks

    GREAT GREAT ADVISE HERE!!!!! i took dash cover off it was very easy. anyone with any car experience could handle that, i am a mechanic, but it was still very easy!!!!! just to note i installed a D3 in my 99 silverado it fits perfect!!! i only had to trim the top of the plastic moulded piece a little bit where it is riveted to the metal bracket in the back it was so easy ill put up pics later i also had to trim the dash bezel a little i did a sloppy job on that, but the trim ring inc with the d3 helped out alot!@!!!!! thanks guys and avic411
  7. 99 Silverado hooking up avic-n3

    i ended up getin screwed on my n3 so i got a d3, either way didnt someone say the silverados that have the automatic sound thing on the oem radio dosnt that mean thier is a vss wire i right in the dash? i need help on hooking up the reverse gear signal input lead and the car speed signal input thanks

    see web page link or call them rebate is already applied so it dont matter 550 shipped is a deal if you ask me, all the used ones on egay are doing more than that im gonna try to send a rebate out when i get it probably wont work but for the price of a stamp im gonna try it?
  9. Dash mods for 99 silverado D3 install

    cool i put a japan model tv in my tahoe a double din and made that work good, but my girl didnt like it so i took it out, but i saved the bezel from it so im gonna use that on my silverado! i have a great mac tools recriprocating mini air saw with fine tooth blad it cuts it so smooth and perfect its amazing, looks stock! also i mounted my sirius box right in the dash behind the back of the stero thier is so much room in thier i zip tied it to the back fits perfect ill try to get some pics, i think the d3 will fit perfect but im pretty sure i have to cut that metal brace on the top and trim a little of the hard plastic cage!! good luck let me know
  10. OK so I started my install today ??

    always, always use a simple test light to see what wire is turn on or constant, unless youve done it a thousand time. it never hurts to use a test light ive seen so many people drive around with no tail lights or their radio stays on when the car is off! i honestly suggest you get help if you stumped on the first easiset step dont ruin your unit
  11. whats the best way to make my d3 fit into my silverado, i know its not a true doublie din? i am gonna cut the dash surround and ive heard i have to cut out that metal brace inside? has anyone done one yet

    how much you pay? how long did shipping take?
  13. way to get thieves

    d3 on the way ill be rigging up my dash with some blades i dont care people know me around here they dont touch my stuff they know the consciquences, i just hope i hear someone in my driveway at night, LOL RELEASE THE HOUNDS, ill let the PITS out thier is no escaping them, i never leave my vehicle parked anyway out of sight anyway so im not too worried, i only pray sometimes i get a robbery attempt, i have alot of aggression built up anyone ever though of taking the face off your factory deck then mounting your d3 in a little and hinging the stock face to the dash? we used to do this alot on bmw m3 98 body style with the trip computers to hide the nitrouos switches worked ok for that??????
  14. i just got another d3 from this place in Ca, im in ny so no tax and free fed ex shipping with instant tracking number. these guys are great, very nice and professional!!!!!!!!! add price with no tax free shipping is 589$ if you bargin a little with them they will through in the ipod cable, or without ipod cabel they will do 550 shipped, so that was my final price 550 shipped brand new rebate already applied!! of course im gonna try to send one out anyway for the hell of it you never know right!! good luck guys they just got over 100 units in yesterday cause most places are out 2 weeks right now!! also i have been watching used ones on egay all week and they are doin slightly over 550 used!!! grab them up guys this is a good deal and good store http://www.al-eds.com/product.php?produ ... 1&featured