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  1. i ve been reading thru the topics and its a little confusing as to which i should follow. I have an avic-f900bt im in the USA. id like to upgrade the firmware, i've found topics for this but EU version. could anyone tell me the best way to go about this and what version would be best. Ive modded phones but not decks before i'm sure i can figure it out if there is a topic that cover this id be grateful for a link. also any mods to start of with would be appreciated i'm excited there are options available for this unit its pretty nice just a little dated. i put it in a project car
  2. Does this have the bluetooth software I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can help me please let me know
  3. I just bought my dream car that came with an avic f900bt which works great really nice. Problem is there are no files found found for the Bluetooth and pioneer doesnt offer downloads for this deck any longer. This site is great if you can push me in the right direction I'd love to get this bluetooth working. Ive been modding my phones for a while it never occurred to mod a deck if you think of any begin mods to recommend that would be awesome Thanks for reading
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