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  1. Thanks for responding, though I was hoping for a fix of some type lol. Fortunately, it only lasts about a quarter to a half mile and I’m good the rest of my daily drive. It’s just strange that it started three months or so back and I haven’t seen anything new along the freeway. Perhaps the college has installed something recently.
  2. About 3 months ago, my 8400 abruptly started shutting CarPlay down when I’m near one specific freeway overpass. Any ideas on what might be interfering with the WiFi connection? There’s a mobile home park, a railroad crossing, and a residential area nearby, as well as a community college a bit further away. It happens when traveling in either direction, with one more likely to drop the WiFi connection entirely and the other to just cause some pauses in the music or podcast (both already downloaded to my phone, not streaming) that’s playing at the time. I recently got a new iPhone 12, r
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