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  1. Haven't had time to do a part 3 yet, but I wanted to share how I got ADB to work. I haven't had any time to mess further with my w4500 but since it's running Android OS 4.2.2 then there's a good chance it can be rooted. If we can root it, we'll be able to unlock sdcards via adb among other pretty awesome ideas. https://imgur.com/a/eybH0uS Concept is simple, you just need a USB 2.0 Type A to Type A adapter. Or if you're like me and don't have a USB 2.0 version and have to deal with USB 3.0 getting in the way, you can route through a USB 2.0 A/B switch like I did. If the desktop/laptop
  2. For me, I couldn't get my Maestro working. I figured the S/N changed when the SDCard reflashed the rom (seems to do that on bootup of the new SDcard if the version is different on the head-unit) but I could be wrong. I tried reflashing my Maestro and it I had problems getting it to flash. Could have been my maestro, my setup or something in-between. I never got around to reaching out to them before I sold the Jeep. I still have the maestro, it just won't flash with the software. Glad to hear you got your radio working again! You might want to try a factory reset on the head-unit and g
  3. Thank you! I missed this when I ran through the process for the walkthrough above. I found my old AVIC.img that I burned one of the SDcards with and it had the newer sysd.conf. I didn't catch it because the first bootup with the new SDCard is pretty slow (reflashing I think) and I'm using faster SDCards so the wait isn't that bad (but still about 60-75s). Updating with this brings it down to under 30s.
  4. Quick FAQ before we get going… So how'd my head-unit die anyways? I don't know for sure but I suspect either the SDCard failed or (the more likely culprit) the SDCard got full from CarPlay and/or Android Auto error logs. I noticed some logs are persistent between boots while others reset on every reboot. So our SDCards dying are likely due to a bug that best I can tell Pioneer hasn't addressed yet. This seems like a lot of work, can't you just send me an IMG file or maybe sell me a fixed SDCard? Sorry, legalities in my area don't allow m
  5. [7/13/2021 update - Part 2 added, see second post] I've gotten a bunch of messages and gave a few empty promises (sorry guys) that I'd write this up. Life got busy and I haven't had time to tinker with my w4500nex, especially since I traded in my Jeep for a well-equipped Ram (that 12" screen is both awesome and underwhelming). I haven't played with this since but I figured at the very least I could give you a how-to so you could get your radios back online and hopefully someone can build upon my work and make these things really powerful. The software might suck, but the audio hardware an
  6. The consulting biz has been insane in the past couple of months so I haven't been able to add more onto my AVH-W4500NEX thread but you basically have a few choices; If in warranty (mine only had 1yr), get it replaced through Pioneer. When I called it was a 6-8wk process If out of warranty, repair though Pioneer. I got quoted $250 and it was a 6-8wk process. I couldn't get them to sell me the SD card Buy the replacement SD card through ebay (don't get the AVH2AVIC with nav, lack of TMS causes reboots - not show stopping but annoying) - $65 and it comes from russia so it take
  7. Some quick updates since... well.. my last updates.. Quick notes on getting the ACH-W4500nex running with the W4400 image You don't need to edit any of the .prop files to make the 4400 image work with the W4500NEX, just edit the sysd.conf file in the etc directory on partition 7 (the "Platform or System partition). The hardware is pretty identical between the W4400 and W4500 - the core of the x400 and x500 series is the same actually, only differences are the various modules tacked on. For me the process basically goes like this; Write image to SDCARD > Update SD Card > Instal
  8. I actually went from a DMX7706 to this because the DMX was too buggy with carplay and didn't play with my Jeep well (steering controls would drop like mad). Ended up returning it and picking up the pioneer. The higher-end one were much better quality though, I snagged this pioneer because I didn't want to pay the price of an Alpine which is the typical go-to for the Jeeps. Other than the SDCard failing they're pretty solid units, I'd like to think it was just a bonehead decision since I've worked with plenty of mid-range SDcards that don't have these kinds of failure rates under hard condition
  9. @asd255 Thanks for the lib, what changes were made to it? I did a diff and noticed a few byte changes, I added it to my latest flash but haven't tested anything yet. Those posts you made on 4pda have been very helpful, I came across those earlier in the week and have gotten to the menus you referenced. That's why I went ahead and bought your sdcard off ebay, it actually arrived a week early this afternoon. It works perfectly! I tried to make a backup (Florida weather can be brutal on electronics) but it's locked as I kind of expected. Just testing it to make sure it works for QA purposes would
  10. Been trying a few things with no luck but failure helps bring success, right? Here's where I'm at now; I'm able to unpack the updates thanks to some general android information I found and the help of Bass_Rock's AVIC-NEX scripts. Its been probably a good 8 or 9 years since I dived this deep android but it's starting to come back to me. To extract PLATFORM; Unzip the W8500NEX 1.03 update and go into the PLATFORM directory Create a new image using dd without the file header "dd if=./PJ190PLT.PRG of=./PJ190PLT.aimg bs=512 skip=1" Convert the imag
  11. I have a thread over at reddit (attached, comments have the meat) that covers my attempts to bring my w4500nex back to life after the internal SDCard toasted itself. Thus far I've installed an SD Extension cable so I can mess with the SDCard until my replacement arrives from Russia. Since then I've been able to get touchscreen working with the 4400 image posted on the development thread and have been deconstructing the updates to figure out if the sdcard password is somewhere in the updates (it's not on the SDCard but likley in the NOR flash that update does). Since messing around with the sys
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