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  1. Update: Borrowed a neighbor's jump drive and it's finally updating. What garbage software is on this thing. Now this is resolved, anyone have any tips, trick or hacks for this thing? Ex-gf gave it to me after she totaled her car lol.
  2. Sup guys. I have a AVH-3400NEX and I'm trying to update the firmware from 8.09 to the latest 8.15. After switching from a Mac to a PC, I finally got the device to recognize and update file. I first started with the AVH-3400NEX_CVJ4849-B version that didn't take. So I then tried the AVH-3400NEX_CVJ2793-H. The device then shows me the update screen with warnings, so I click update. The screen then goes in and pops back out and shows a back-lit black LCD screen for like 30 minutes. Is this normal? Is it updating? How long should it take? I would love some advice what to do here, I can't seem
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