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  1. I wrote this issue to Pioneer support and they directed me to AVIC-F930 user's manual on the page 192. I tried all those recommended settings and the only what was working for me is MPEG-4 format and MPEG-4 compatible codec with MP4 extension and 320X240 resolution with maximum 768kbps. But 320X240 resolution is too small and the video quality is too poor even on AVIC-F930 6.1" screen size.
  2. Hello all, I put some divx videos (.avi extension) on the usb dongle and tried to play them on my F930 unit. But after I've selected on touch panel USB video icon unit reported "ERROR" and device started to reboot until I removed the usb dongle. Could someone tell me what should be the video file format or extension that Pioneer AVIC-F930 could read it from usb dongle? Best regards!
  3. I found in pioneer installation manual that green wire from receiver's harness had to be connected to parking brake. I didn't connect any wire to parking brake and receiver worked fine until I accidentally pressed safe mode on button. Should I connect green harness wire to parking brake or something else to be able to turn off safe mode?
  4. It is Pioneer AVIC-F930BT. Is there any way to deactivate greyed out Safe mode On? Just to mention if it matters everything worked fine without connecting any wire to parking brake.
  5. Hello all, I'm not sure this is the right section of forum or did anyone esle ask the same question but I couldn't find the solution anywhere - how to deactivate Safe mode On! Everything was working fine, until I accidentally in Settings menu pressed button "Safe mode On" and everything greyed out and couldn't deactivate and switch back to "Safe mode Off". How to fix this?
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