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  1. Was able to fix my problem by replacing the unit's SD card. Details found here:
  2. Update! My problems with saving Bluetooth connection changes and firmware updates were fixed by replacing the internal SD card. First, I created a new SD card using the image and general instructions found here: Next, I took apart my unit then swapped the SD card by following this video:
  3. I've got an AVH-W4400NEX unit in my 2015 Honda CRV. I'm having a problem where Bluetooth connections and firmware updates aren't saving after the vehicle is turned off and restarted. First noticed the issue with Bluetooth not saving my new phone or clearing existing connections. I've tried parking brake fixes based on various forum posts and YouTube videos (e.g. grounding + "Set On" menu, MicroBypass etc). Later I discovered my 1.01 > 1.02 firmware upgrade won't stick either! Internally I'm using the iDatalink Maestro H02 wiring harness and Maestro RR interface for steering wheel
  4. Exact same problem when I upgraded from iPhone X to iPhone 12 with my Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX in my 2015 Honda CRV with Maestro HO2 wiring harness. Can't clear my old iPhone (or any other devices) from the Bluetooth connections. Tried clearing the bluetooth memory and resetting the whole unit to factory settings. But the bluetooth connections always return when I restart my car. Reviewed the wiring, tried a Microbypass switch, and the parking/ground "Set On" menu trick. No luck at all. Any updates from others here??
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