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  1. I'm really pissed that it doesn't have network. I bought this model specifically because I thought it had a bandpass crossover. I thought NEX meant it came with Network. Now I have to get a DSP. Old car had a PRS80 in it....wish I hadn't gone with the DD. Miss my PRS80. You can't watch DVDs while driving anyways!
  2. I'd like to do the splash screen to be centered and read: Sound by Morel and Zapco except instead of the words "Morel" and "Zapco" use the logos. Any of their logos would be great. Oh, That carbon fiber background looked cool. Please and thanks
  3. If you're not trying to fuck with me why did you suggest something that I've *clearly* stated I've already tried *3*times*? And thanks Datsun for answering my question.
  4. I know I'm going to come across as a dick, but I've stated twice that I've run through the "restore" procedure, and IT DOES NOT GET ME TO THE NETWORK OPTION SCREEN! Maybe I just explained my problem poorly. Maybe people are just fucking with me. One more time: Does the AVH-4200NEX come with the option to run in Network Mode or Standard Mode? One tech at Pioneer said it does, while a different tech said it doesn't. Doesn't the "NEX" in "AVH-4200NEX" mean it has this ability?
  5. "bypassed"? Not sure what you mean. As far as restore and/or reset, thought I addressed that in my post. I've reset the unit via the menu. After doing that the unit asks what language to use, then asks what phone I use (apple or android), and that's it for set up. It should ask if I want to use Network Mode or Standard Mode, but it doesn't. Pioneer's customer service phone number said it should and I should send them the unit for repair. Pioneer's Youtube channel said that unit doesn't have Network Mode. Does anyone know the correct answer?
  6. I want to run my 4200NEX in Network Mode so I have access to the bandpass crossover. Resetting via the menu gets me to the point where the unit acts like new: It askes what language to use, then what type of phones I use, but that's it. It never asks if I want to run in Network Mode or Standard Mode. Talking to the guy on Pioneer's telephone customer service line, he said I should send the unit to them for repair. Whoever answers Pioneer's official Youtube Channel said the 4200NEX doesn't have Network Mode. Obviously these are conflicting answers from Pioneer personnel. Anyone know the correct
  7. Thanks, but I've done all this. The unit physically wipes its memory, reboots, the first screen ask about language, next screen asks if you use an Apple or Android phone, the next screen is the disclaimer/warning screen. It skips over the "Standard Mode or Network Mode" screen/question. It never shows up!!
  8. Tried all three ways to reset my AVH-4200NEX (menu reset, little button and battery disconnect) to get to screen that asks if you want to run "standard" or "network" mode Nothing would get me to that screen. Talked to guy at Pioneer's customer service phone number. He said disconnecting the cars battery ground should do a complete reset. First screen was language, then it asks about your phone and how you will hook it up, then the warning with the "OK" button. Somewhere in there it is supposed to ask if I want to run network mode. Any idea why I cant get to this screen??
  9. So, I just saw in the manual that there is also a small reset button that you'd use a pin to push. Where the hell is this button?!?!
  10. Place that installed my HU set my AVH-4200NEX to standard mode instead of Network, even though he knew I was going to run it active. So, my understanding of how to make the switch is do a reset. Except after I choose "ALL" after "reset", it does it's thin, then asks about language, then about my phone.....and that's it!!! Isn't that where it should ask if I want Network or Standard? I haven't done the software update, I'm still on 1.04, if that matters.
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