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  1. Yea, so basically nothing was messed with when they broke into it as far as I can tell, and actually right before it was broke into it was working just fine I mean it happened about 30 minutes after I got out of my truck, but then I turned it on and it randomly went to select program language screen and the English is greyed out even clicking on other languages it will allow me to hit ok and once I do it reboots and brings the screen right back up and repeatedly the same cycle occurs, the actual fm radio works on it it’ll open the screen to eject cd or sd card but and the volume buttons work
  2. Everything was working fine, someone tried breaking into my truck a while back and ever since then it’s been powering up showing the pioneer start up screen then going directly to select language mode and once I hit ok it reboots and then goes right back to the select language mode, I’ve disconnected the battery, I haven’t checked the parking brake yet but this unit came with the truck when I bought it and I’ve had it 5 years with no issues until now.
  3. Has anyone been able to successfully fix the language selection loop screen?! I’ve done everything except new firmware and new SD card Soo far.. I want my HU to work again!
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