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  1. Forgot to add..i currently run a 12v stereo system in my shop off of a custom made power supply capable of 83 ish amps..so it handles my 4 channels and subs very well. Awesome sound. The deck im currently using doesnt blue tooth so its becoming a pain in the ass constantly replacing the toggle adapter i need to aux in my phone..samsungs require u purchase an adapter if you wish to use the one and only port which is also the power port , for wired headphones or basically any audio signal, u must buy a digital to analog converter toggle cable, or no sound. These wear out, the ports malfunction..
  2. Hello, I have been running kenwood devk with jbl amp front, rear and subs. Recently pulled my kids system before he sold his rig, pioneer with flip screen and pioneer Amp, i actually installed a while back for his b-day. I am considering replaxing my older stereo in my shop with this pioneer unit..my only issue before i get started is...now that this isnt going into a vehicle, not sure how to deal with orange/white cable that is suppose to hook to light switch. Can i leave unhooked? Do i need to figure out some other voltage source for this? Please advise. Thank you.
  3. So i am using this in my shop. Will i have lights if i dont hook up orange/ white at all? Since im running this off of 110--> 12v power source..i havent run into this issue before this particular unit running in this configuration.
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