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  1. Insert Appropiate Disk Message

    In my experiments in reprogramming the n1, this means that you need to reprogram/reflash the firmware in the unit. Its a pain in the @$$ but can be done. I had to do my N1 something like 15 times in my trial and error of burning dvds. I posted how to reflash on the12volt.com and it may be posted on this site as well. Not sure if it is the same on a n2 as it is on a n1 though. Anybody else know?
  2. AVIC - N1 bypass w/Hi-res board scans..

    I checked the performance gauges and correlated them to my actual speedo and its right on. Maybe you need to recalibrate your 3D learning cycle or your speed sense wire came loose??
  3. AVIC - N1 bypass w/Hi-res board scans..

    I just did the mod and presto!! It works as said. Man! I kinda cheated- The pics used to show the mod were mine, so ahem, I knew I was gonna find what was indicated by Guest. Thank you! Now I can remove my other vid screen from my dash. Liberated, Vindicated, whatever- I am Free!!! p.s. you will still get those popup nag screens that you have to push the OK button on and your parking brake needs to be wired on, but otherwise video and navigation works like the old software!!! Now I just gotta clean up the flux on the board. The wire used is from a 80 wire IDE cable. Works good.
  4. AVIC - N1 bypass w/Hi-res board scans..

    That is the power supply dolt! That will smoke the mains fuse.
  5. AVIC - N1 bypass w/Hi-res board scans..

    Here they are! So lets all line up to the starting point and get this race started to find the magic resistor on the N1 that bypasses the lockout that plague the 50mt and newer software releases....