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  1. Hi there, this is my first post and am hoping someone will have some info to help me get my deck working again. So my 4000nex was working just fine the one day and then I turned off the car and went in and visited some friends and when I came out I turned the car on and the screen lit up as normal but then it ejected the disk all on its own without me touching any buttons and then upon folding back up the screen went black and wouldn’t come back on yet it was still playing my music from my phone that was linked to it. Then I blindly touched the screen and must have changed the input t
  2. Hi there, im new here and need help to get the avh-4000nex headunit I purchased online up and running. It appears that someone has taken the original SD card out of the unit before then selling it to me. if I understand correctly I now need another sd card (4-8gig) which I have to first copy a image on? can someone please send me the image file to use and maybe a bit of instructions on how to do it using a Mac? thanks in advance
  3. New here and looking for some help, recently my AVH-4000NEX was working fine, then next time I started car the unit ejected the cd without me pushing eject button and then screen would not go back up until I turned off car and pushed reset button. Then a few starts later the screen went black and half the buttons only light up. If I touch the blank screen it makes beep noises but I can’t see anything and the buttons don’t work at all. Any ideas how to get it working again? also I do not know what firmware it was running prior to it going blank on me.
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