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  1. Is this a car specific thing? I don't really understand what any of this means so I will probably have to ask a shop to do this for me but thank you!
  2. Hey! I replaced the battery a year ago just before getting the stereo installed, I don't think its an issue with the battery. I noticed that the radio doesn't always reboot when I start the engine, sometimes it goes through just fine without rebooting.
  3. Hey guys, I installed this unit (DMH-A4450BT) in my car less than a year ago and I have noticed that whenever I use the stereo when the car is in battery/accessory mode for too long, and then if I proceed to start the engine the unit will restart and then go into a bootloop. However,if I don't use it in accessory mode for too long and I directly start the engine the unit never has problems, what could cause this? My unit has a pinhole reset button so I keep a pen in my car to reset the unit whenever this happens but I have to set all my steering controls again! But doing this makes t
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