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  1. Yes I have done that several times. Same with clearing memory on the Bluetooth settings. I just came back from unplugging the battery for 5 minutes then trying it again as a last resort. Still didn't work. I'm not sure if this is normal but it's like there is interference or something because of the loud static when I switch to Bluetooth mode. Every other car stereo I have just goes dead silent when I switch to Bluetooth mode with no active connection. All the Bluetooth features work as well (including clear audio) except for music which is the only thing I care about.
  2. What quirks are you finding that affects you the most? I was looking into these Android units and am having a tough time finding which brands are quality. Just like Android cell phones, there is a much wider range of quality between brands/models compared to Apple. I would love to have an Android unit if I could narrow it down to the elite brands.
  3. Ill definitely be considering those Android units if I can't get this Bluetooth to work. Do you know if 3.32 is the latest Bluetooth firmware for the x930BT?
  4. Thanks for the response Ron. I have tried using three separate devices, an iPhone XS, iPhone 8, and an iPad Mini 2. These are all on separate iOS versions 16, 10, and 12. I have confirmed that the Bluetooth volume was maxed when I connected all three devices in separate instances. When I select the Bluetooth mode on my x930BT, the 'static' noise is very much evident even at low volumes. Its only when I max the volume on the HU can I very faintly hear what song is playing. It's very strange, it would've been easier to diagnose if Bluetooth just didn't work at all Edit: Which car
  5. Hello, I am beyond frustrated with my X930BT unit. The Bluetooth seems like it is so close to working, but it plays my music at such an extremely quiet volume. Having a phone call through Bluetooth is clear and is actually outputted at an acceptable volume. The song and artist information also show up accurately on the screen. I am also able to control playback and skip songs through the touch screen. I've tried every method of connecting, different devices of various ages, resetting to factory settings, and clearing Bluetooth memory. I've also already upgraded to version 6.0 (after
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