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  1. Ok, finally figured out the problem here. The dang e-brake switch was broken! Replaced and... the greyed-out buttons are gone. thanks for the help!
  2. Ok, you're correct about the status messages. It indeed states it is not receiving a parking brake on signal. I have done the "hack" repositioning the mute wire and then grounding it with the green wire... no worky still I am scratching my head here. Thanks so far.
  3. Yeah It did work in the car. The original AVIC-D3 installed in the car - had a malfunctioning DVD player, mechanism broken, navi system would not work. I know before the DVD system broke, all those buttons were working OK I bought a working used D3 unit. I unplugged all from the old unit, installed the "new" unit (basically took 15 mins). Everything is working expect the navi buttons are all greyed out, cant input an address, etc..
  4. I am trying to figure out why my navi buttons are all greyed out. I'm stopped, parking brake pulled....
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