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  1. Sound Quality issue in Porsche

    Hi all, I have an AVIC Z1 in my 02 Porsche 911, it's wired right up to the factory Bose system and DID sound great, I have noticed that lately it seems to be a bit "muddy" in sound. Could it be a grounding issue? Thanks!
  2. AVIC Z Install in my 02 Porsche 996

    Lou, What year is your car? In 03 they went to the MOST bus so you can NOT reuse existing amps and wiring so they may be correct. My car is an 02 with BOSE so this was no issue. I bought the connectors and wired them up to the pioneer so it was plug and play. Sounds great, way better then the Porsche head unit and the BOSE amps, subs and speakers do just fine. Cheers! - Marc
  3. AVIC Z Install in my 02 Porsche 996

    My armrest is a stock one recovered with a better quality leather and available from: http://928leathershop.com/Dashboard,_Console_and_Panel_Covers.html They do excellent work!
  4. AVIC Z Install in my 02 Porsche 996

    I downloaded the Porsche image from this site, do a search you will find them.
  5. AVIC Z Install in my 02 Porsche 996

    Hiya, I bought the glossy one on ebay, the part is of excellent quality! 2 quick coats of rustoleam textured plastic paint and it' perfect. Any questions let me know. Best, Marc
  6. Blackberry Curve

    Using a Verizon Blackberry 8830, very similar to curve, you should have no issue.
  7. AVIC Z Install in my 02 Porsche 996

    Thanks! I did end up doing the install myself.
  8. AVIC Z Install in my 02 Porsche 996

    I was not digging the trim with the glossy finish so I refinished it to match the dash. I am very pleased with the results.
  9. Planning on painting the surround to match the dash or perhaps silver to match console. Installed with XM, Bluetooth and iPOD, No wires cut so car can be returned to stock if desired and it all works fine with factory Bose amp and speakers.
  10. Blackberry 8830 address book

    No problem here with my 8830 and Z1
  11. Buzzing noise issue

    That was indeed the issue, Thanks!!
  12. Z2 says Xm is Not Connected

    are you using a Pioneer XM unit or an XM Direct adaptor? If it is the latter I think the "not connected" is normal.
  13. Z1-Z2 or Z3 Update?

    Is there a trusted source to buy an unlocked and imaged drive? ie: plug and play?
  14. Installed a Z1 in my 2002 Porsche 996 w/Bose - Bluetooth/XM/ipod Sounds great, everything works however when getting any sound from the unit other than regular audio I get a low buzzing. Examples that buzz, the beeps, Nav voice and hands free phone. Thanks in advance!