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  1. z130BT A/V mirroir corrected

    Hi, I own a Avic-N2, a Avic-N3 and a Z110BT, and I'am now looking to buy a Z130BT to replace and old N3. the only problem is since I have bought my new Z110BT, I Have lost the nav, screen on the rear seats. every one loved this option, always seeing the time left to arrival. last year this forum told me that the Z120Bt did not mirroir the front screen, and no one new why Pioneer would remove this fonction. does anyone know if they have corrected this on the new Z130BT. Thanks.
  2. Z130BT and SYNC

    Thanks Guys, I will look into this problem and see what buttons I can save.
  3. Z130BT and SYNC

    Hi there, I tried to find info about SYNC, it seems that the SYNC part of my Ford F250 2011, OEM radio is something seperate from the Ford Radio, and that it might work with other Radio's. Does someone know how all this works, and if the replacement Radio ( Z130BT ) needs any special connections. The SYNC bluetooth and steering control, as for the voice reconition, it works 90% of the time.whitch seems to be very good. What will happen with my steering controls for tel, source, vol, ect... how will my cell phone work. Thanks.
  4. Hi there, Did any of you old staff guys check out the main differences between the Z120BT and the 2011 Z130 comming up. and would Pioneer have fixed the Mapping to the back screen problem, ( not able to mirrior the front screen , but just theDVD movie part.) Thanks.
  5. Hi, I own a Avix N2 and a Z110BT, I'am looking to change my N2 to a Z120BT. One thing i really miss with my 110, is showing the rear sitting people the Navigation page while driving. even dought I put the setting to Mirrior AV. nothing shows on the back head rest screens. Does any one know if Pioneer has fix this in the 120. or is there a way to get this. Sorry about my typing, I'am from Quebec Canada, and we are mostly a french speaking and writing State. Thanks, and have a merry christmas all.
  6. Avic N4 with 6400TV

    Great, I was also told that it controls the 5.1 channels on screen instead of needing the remote control.?
  7. Avic N4 with 6400TV

    Thanks, Do you know the N4 , and would you change from N3 to N4 if Pioneer changes the unit Free of charge. Because they proposed to upgrade my unit to an N4, because they had promised that my N3 was Full Bluetooth.and it's not the case.
  8. Avic N4 with 6400TV

    AVIC N4 , with TV 6400TV , Can someone tell me if we can install the 6400TV on the N4, it is now on my N3, but wanting the Bluetooth witch Pioneer forgot to make compatible with the N3, i'am know stuck it seems with making the choice between a N3 with a TV and no Bluetooth, or an N4 with Bluetooth but no TV. is this true. Many Thanks