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  1. N2 stolen out of my 01 GMC Sierra truck this morning between the hours of 11pm the day before and 2am this morning. Wife woke me up after walking out to the driveway to go work this morning and discovered it. I Jumped out of bed and ran out to see my dash bezel broken, steering column damage, passenger door lock damage ,pry marks under driver side door handle and my N2 gone . The only thing left is the data cable, a broken xm tuner cable, the brain and xm tuner. All I can say is Karma and may the person that took it rott in hell!
  2. Thanks! Just got done installing now
  3. I just receive my gex-p10xmt and getting ready to install it to my N2 and have a question. I've search and found a similar topic but still doesn't answer my question.Can someone confirm if I have to hook up the power wires to the xm unit? Because on Crutchfield it states:" Power Wiring: If the unit is connected with an IP-Bus cable, it is not necessary to connect the red (+12 volts switched) power lead. The receiver may not work properly if the IP-Bus cable and the red power lead are used together. The Installation Manual incorrectly states that both leads should be connected."
  4. 2002 Chevy Tahoe z71 Avic N3 install

    I installed a N2 in my 01 Gmc Sierra this link should give you alot of info http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php? ... highlight= As for the gear shifter you have to pull back on it with the key inn the (ON position) to clear the screen when you open it.
  5. dvd bypass problems.

    the way i figure it using a real disc as whtcrx stated should not make a difference, the system upgraded with the disc without a hitch. if the copied disc were missing any input, i think the system should some how reject the discs with an error code of some sorts. Nahrah it looks like the only other option is the soldering option, which i'm not going to do, since its not that important. until i find out something that doesnt void the warranty, i'll just let it be. Funny you say that because mine is already solder on the bottom. If I unhook the parking wire from the ground the navi thinks I'm moving even tho I'm in park and I will automatically get the warning (viewing in front..blah. blah . blah.) So yea I'm with you on this one I'm just going to leave it alone .
  6. dvd bypass problems.

    Finally someone with my problem, Maracura94 you just describe what I'm going through. I have also upgraded to the 70mt disc and my bypass doesn't work. Does seem like they program something into the disc to ignore the parking brake and either use the vss or gps to determine if your moving. Hopefully someone can chime in on this or my other option is just use it the normal way.