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  1. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Same issue with the 4400 Have same bypass , but screen blacks out under speed
  2. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I have the same question ... I wired mine using my old appradio bypass . I can watch video while sitting still and low speed . Once I start moving like 5mph + it blacks the screen out and displays safety message . The VSS isn't hooked up , so how is it determining speed ? GPS antenna ? Thanks Todd
  3. From what I'm reading on pioneers site the kit consists of an HDMI cable and a USB cable Those are two things that are readily available now rather cheap So in theory if you already have the iPhone 5 which comes with a lighting to USB cord all you need to purchase is the adapter from apple to do HDMI output . My only question is .... Will the unit need a firmware update to work correctly?
  4. I Have the old TR-7 I called PAC today and they informed me that i could indeed use mode 17 They even supplied me with this document on how to program it My question is.... The document he supplied showed an extra SPDT relay used in conjunction with the TR-7 similar to what was listed on page 1 of this thread. I wired it up without the relay as stated above and I was unable to get it to work Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. Z130BT Upgrade Hacking

    The Z130BT upgrade software is the same I am running it on my Z120BT
  6. If i buy a z120bt and upgrade it to a z130 software....

    Trafic Tuner is a separate box and it doesnt work on the z-120bt I updated my 120 to a 130 and the traffic button is there but it doesnt work because of the lack of the tuner box
  7. AVIC App Mode

    Yes it does you need to use AHA Radio
  8. Movies on HDD?

    Can I store movies on the HDD on my Z3? Thanks
  9. Z1 with crashed HDD

    anyone ? any info would be helpful thank you
  10. Z1 with crashed HDD

    so i picked up a Z1 the other day for a good price when i went to power it up the fan comes on let the button lights then it clicks a few times and resets. It does this over and over again I determined the hard drive is most likely crashed I removed the HDD and hooked it up to my PC I could not pull any info from it. My question is If I get either a Z1 or Z2 image can I just burn it to a new HDD and install it and be good to go? Also I have searched the forums and I am not able to locate either .iso file. Thanks in advance