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  1. ugh someone walked into my garage tonight and yanked my z3 out of my car. UGH!! wtf.
  2. thats crazy this happened to me today too?! wtf.
  3. Both their products work! I personally am using their USB charge converter.
  4. I would personally use cablejive. They have awesome products and I personally am using the usb charge converter.
  5. streaming audio

    Streaming audio works via iphone, im able to stream pandora just fine with the cd-ib100II
  6. HDTV Tuner for AVIC-Z1, Z2, Z3 here you go

    if you have the bypass you should be good.
  7. BOYO VTL420 Camera DIY Install

    i think all you need to do is wire the reverse lead wire, then the video in for the camera. then power and ground the camera from the back.
  8. HDTV Tuner for AVIC-Z1, Z2, Z3 here you go

    here you go. http://www.audiovox.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... &langId=-1
  9. HDTV Tuner for AVIC-Z1, Z2, Z3 here you go

    ok so i saw an antenna at circuit city thats amplified and 12v! for 14.00 what tuner are you guys using???
  10. BRAND NEW AVIC-Z2 for $650

    i bought a refurb for 770.00 shipped. looks brand new.
  11. BRAND NEW AVIC-Z2 for $650

    you see these things all over ebay.
  12. BRAND NEW AVIC-Z2 for $650

    wow i even sent an email to this guy....sorry to your friend.
  13. new plate for the hard drive screws striped.

    same thing happened to me. I ended up using a dremel and slicing to be able to screw it out.
  14. Ive seen the other post but wanted to find out if anyone has bought a extended warranty from squaretrade or repairmaster? thanks,
  15. 2008 Honda Accord Install

    i just installed in my 05 honda pilot. should be fairly simple. you can buy the metra kit on ebay also the harness. i had circuit city wire up my vss and ebrake...