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  1. Custom Backround Request

    Just had a thought. I have a Z1 For my suburban and requested a U2 background for my wife.... while reading through posts today i saw a NY Yankees background. We tailgate at Jacksonville Jaguar football games so I bet a Jags backgroud would look pretty bad at the tailgate! This site is addictive. I hope to get into dabbling with making backgrounds in the future.. just to learn. Thanks!
  2. Custom Backround Request

    My wife is a huge U2 fan and I just bought a Z1 for our suburban. I wanted the Z1 and she busted my chops about it but I think she'll like it more and not give me hell for buying it if I can get her a personal background with U2 on it. She Loves U2 and Bono ... so anything like with U2 - like a concert photo, cool graphic with U2 or Bono, who knows - i am not creatice. Its an 05 White Z71 and I am excited to give it to her this weekend with the Z1... Thanks a ton!