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  1. European Navigation Disc Works in Avic N4

    the difference lies in GPS receivers the right chip and GPS receivers works
  2. Service Secret Menu Pioneer Avic N4

    Service Secret Menu Pioneer Avic N4 1. RESET and EJECT buttons simultaneously. 2. Release RESET button only. 3. When “please push reset button†is displayed, release EJECT button. 4. Enter the password: 8 1 8 3 7 2 0 8
  3. Problem Avic-N4, Message: Please eject the disc....

    the difference is the name of the files. I have these unnamed and so starts the european disk Now does the North American version no starts! in europe, we have avic x3 it can only be a difference in the firmware are but there must be a solution for this problem!
  4. I have a Problem with Avic-N4, Message: Please eject the disc and insert the appropriate disc again. I'm from Austria have a avic n4 have purchased and the CNDV-70DX europe map disc. then an update. since he always writes this message also did the original dvds tried again, does not work anymore! who can help me!