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  1. Avic DRZ-09 startup troubles

    Have replied to your email and Yes, I now have a disk that works to get the Drz-09 starting up
  2. How to burn cndv-80mt from torrent download? where is iso?

    Must be my night for replies here.............If the file you downloaded is an Iso file you shouldnt use winrar..........Try a program such as UltraIso. Iso files are basically an image file of a cd or dvd. UltraIso will when used allow you to burn the image back to cd or dvd as a replica of the original disk There are other programs that will do the same job, eg, Alcohol120 etc , but I use UltraIso as it is pretty simple
  3. Scratched Touch Screen???

    You can get a product called PlastX by Meguiars. Its a car care product and I have used it on cellphone touch screens before and it did a great job on removing the scratch
  4. Avic DRZ-09 startup troubles

    For anyone interested, particularly in NZ have obtained a copy of the startup disc and can confirm that it works with my machine..........Now to figure out how to convert the thing to english and hopefully load a map for New Zealand Any queries re the map to me at rayh@xtra.co.nz
  5. Avic DRZ-09 startup troubles

    Does anyone have any ideas on either bypassing the startup on the Avic DRZ-09 unit or where I might get the startup disc from. On powering up it keeps asking for the correct disc and wont go any further