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  1. Wanted AVIC N-3

    Anyone have an AVIC N3 they aren't using? Mine is starting to give problems so it's going back to Pioneer for repair, but I'd like to have something to use till it's returned. ~Marc ifr_1@hotmail.com
  2. CNDV-90MT released!!!

    I just ordered the new update from Pioneer, but I only need the West. Anyone need the East and want to split the cost? regards ~Marc
  3. Check all of your connections, then try a reset. regards ~Marc
  4. No Audio

    Well, it was very educational to say the least. It turned out that one of the speaker wires was pinched between the door panel and the speaker frame. It was shorted to ground, and that took down all audio output, for left and right speakers, plus the pre-outs. As soon as we corrected the short, the audio worked normally. But, I still haven't got the system to initialize and navigate in 3D since it was reinstalled. I really need to correct the brain installation as it's just sitting there without being firmly mounted. That's why I was looking for an installer in the area who might be able to take on a job like this. I expect we'll have to fab up some kind of bracket to hold the brain behind the dash. It won't fit under the seats of this truck. regards ~Marc
  5. I refer to that situation by saying that the GPS "found itself", and is now talking to the brain of the system. That's exactly what happens, and yes it does take some use before it gets initialized. regards ~Marc
  6. It sounds like you are not in 3D. If you go to the menu, then hit "Route options" then hardware settings, you will be able to choose a "button" that will show you the current settings. If it says 3D initializing, then your unit will act as you described. In addition, the nav screen should show you the name of the street you are on at the bottom. If it does not then your unit is not relying on the brain to guide you. Take it back to the shop that did the install and have them reset the unit and try again. regards ~Marc
  7. Actual Disk CNDV-80MT Disk Available for Download

    Hi Roger. Check with Sk1nW4lk3r, he should be able and willing to hook you up. regards ~Marc
  8. Actual Disk CNDV-80MT Disk Available for Download

    Try this: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... /CNDV-80MT regards ~Marc
  9. Any installers in SoCal, preferably in the Long Beach area? thanks ~Marc
  10. N3 HELP!

    I doubt that will fix the problem. AFAIK that wire just sends the signal that the lights are on, which dims the display. It will still auto-dim when the external light source dims. regards ~Marc
  11. Actual Disk CNDV-80MT Disk Available for Download

    Have you tried Pioneer? I hear they have plenty of disks ready to be shipped, and they all come with instructions in a nice package. regards ~Marc
  12. No Audio

    I checked out my N3 again and couldn't find any reason for the audio to not work so I dropped it off at Pioneer this morning. We'll see what they say. It was just in for the $200 repair a little over 3 months ago, so they should cover this, even though they only give 90 days on repairs. At least they were friendly about it. regards ~Marc
  13. No Audio

    My N3 suddenly dropped the audio a couple of weeks ago. I only use it for nav, FM radio and back-up camera, but now there is no audio for the FM or nav voice guidance. Changing the volume settings with the radio source selected shows the volume numbers increasing/decreasing, but there is no sound from the speakers. I pulled the head unit and checked the connections to make sure they were plugged in properly. Any ideas before I sent it back to Pioneer? Could it be a plug on the brain isn't connected? regards ~Marc
  14. Bug in N3 program

    Mine did it WITH the 80MT upgrade, so that didn't solve it. regards ~Marc
  15. Actual Disk CNDV-80MT Disk Available for Download

    The disks are copyrighted, if that answers your question.... regards ~Marc