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  1. Hey all. I have had a few of the avic products in the past. I have had a z1 and a z3. I currently have a f90t with f910 upgrade, that i am not happy with at all. I have called and asked pioneer and they really cant tell me or want to give me a direct answer. I am looking for a unit that does not have the phone or bluetooth issues i currently have. Mainly if im on the phone, all functions of the headunit are rendered useless. I would like to access the navi menu while on the phone. ALso, if i am on a call and get a second call and switch over to it, the unit will not hang up when the call is completed. I have to stop the car, turn it off and reboot the entire system. Also the software seems to be pretty unstable. When you push on functions, sometimes it doesnt do anything at all or it is very delayed. The phone seems to be the major issue i have with the unit. Any model advice or other info of would be great.
  2. I have been a member on here for a while and am not much of a hacker or tuner with these radios. Basically i need the navi, bluetooth for phone and a radio. OTher than that i do not need a lot of the functions that these radios have. My question to you guys is this. My avic f90bt with the 100 dollar upgrade that pioneer sold me SUCKS. It takes a long time to boot up. When your on the phone via bluetooth you can no longer access any of the nav options. ALso it takes a long time for the phone to connect. If your on a call and answer a call on call waiting, when you hang up it does not disconnect the call on the headunit and you have to ride in silence with no nav controls again until you turn the vehicle off and back on and wait for a reboot. I love the pioneer navi system though so dont wanna jump ship just yet. Are any of their other units better for what i am trying to do? I called them and they have no idea as to any of the issues im talking about and say its something with the phone. Iphone4 btw. My bmw with oem bt and other car with factory bt puck in cradle have no problem with all the things i ask them to do.
  3. avic s1 with european maps?

    i have a avic s1 that i just updated the usa maps on. I really like this little unit. i also have a z3 in a truck that i love as well. anyway i travel overseas a bit and would love to get a european map on the s1. is it available or does it exist? mainly germany is where i go. I did a search on the forum and didnt come up with anything, but i assume it is as simple as the update i did. if anyone knows please let me know as this is a cheaper alternative to getting a car with navi which costs 150-200 more each visit