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  1. motion bypass

    actually that search tool sucks dick and this was a question that hasnt been covered.
  2. motion bypass

    would unhooking the motion sensor wire allow me to use nav while driving and to watch movies while driving (over 5 mph)???????????????????????????/
  3. Motion lockout bypass with upgrade

    I just upgraded my avic n1 with the new 60 map disks and also bought and n3 brain with it. i installed it all and everything sorks perfect as if it were indeed an n3. I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the motion lockout without soldering at this point. For some reason i have no problem using nav while driving, but i can only watch movies while traveling under 5mph!! Please help?
  4. N3 Brain, with N1 software

    What would happen if i substituded the N1 brain for and N3 brain but kept the software the same, leaving it at the 40MT?
  5. Questions about N1 to CNDV-60MP conversion

    its in a different thread, just search!
  6. help please

    most likely i fried some of the little cables while doing the solder. i did the same thing. what is better to use is a conductivew pen. very easy to use!!! So i obught a unit off e bay that was broken for like 200 and just switched some of the parts and it works great now. But definetly a big loss. Although this rout is better then buying a new board whcih is very defficult and with the labor and the parts it owuld cost about 500. So its up to u!!!
  7. "If I only had a brain....."

    yea just get on ebay that there are plenty of N2 brains on there.
  8. N2 vs N3

    Does anyone know what the differences between the brain of th n2 and the brain of the n3 are?
  9. Worthy AVIC Mod?

    what parts would you need to complete this, and also i thought all you needed was the n3 brain, not eh the n3 deck?????!!!???
  10. no its not that and i shouldnt say all the buttons, the volume and eject still worked. I was under the impression it was common and that some people on ebay could fix it, but i do have extra parts and was wondering if i could do it myself!!!
  11. Avic N1 W/ N3 Soft. and ipod

    Are you sure all that i would need would just be the N3 brain?!?!?!?!?!!?
  12. well actually like in the other posts the first button to go was the EQ. Then maybe the angle adjusters and then the ATT, and after that it was all of them, About 3 days latter the screen was blank and all i could do was touch the screen but i couldnt see what i was touching. Any more suggestions?!?!?!?!? Thanks
  13. Avic N1 W/ N3 Soft. and ipod

    i thought that the N1/2/3 brains were all exactly the same!!!???
  14. Avic N1 W/ N3 Soft. and ipod

    I have an Avic-N1 and was wondering if i did the upgrade to the N3 if it would then have the interface and all that kind of stuff to use with the ipod on the avic??? Also the same with the XM interface???? Thanks!!!!
  15. I know that to fix this problem all u need to do it replace some cables and such but i was wondering oif anyone knew hich ones they were considering i have an extra unit at my house and would rather do it myself for free rather the send i tin for 120 bucks!!! Please let me know!!!