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  1. Uninstalling Avic N1 reinstalling stock

    CatchMe, what exactly am I looking to do with the green wires?
  2. Uninstalling Avic N1 reinstalling stock

    Thats fine if the amp and stuff doesnt work... I just want music for these 10 days while the unit is getting repaired This is what I have in front of me... #1 is what gives power to my stock cd player #2, 3 and 4 connect only to the Avic unit, and I have no clue what they do But the stock deck is only powering up, no music sound coming from speakers
  3. Uninstalling Avic N1 reinstalling stock

    by the way, the car has aftermarket speakers, subwoofer and amp. Not sure if that makes a difference
  4. Uninstalling Avic N1 reinstalling stock

    CatchMe, youre right, they were there... well, at least the power one was. I connected it and the stereo got power, but there was nothing coming from the speakers... do you happen to know if the Avic unit requires any work with the speaker cables? When i try connecting my stock unit, the only cable I could find was the "power" cable... do stock decks typically have a "speaker" cable or is that usually in the same head as the power?
  5. Hey all, quick question. I had to uninstall my N1 unit and send it in for the flex cable repair. I asked Pioneer how long it would take and they mentioned 2 weeks. So now my car has no audio for the next 2 weeks so i figured Id try and put the stock unit back in. Problem is, when I bought the car, it came with the N1 unit... I never saw the installation and never played with the wiring or anything at all. When trying to reinstall my stock deck, the proper cable connectors are obviously not there... My question is for those who have installed these units... does it require you to modify the stock connectors to fit the N1 connectors? Or are my stock connectors and cables somewhere in the dashboard and have nothing to do with the installation of the N1 unit? Thanks!