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  1. Mario,


    For those of us who currently own the SWI-PS, will there be a firmware upgrade we could flash or send the part in to be programmed to the latest? I'd like the ability to program my wheel's mute button to answer call instead. Main reason is so I don't have to take the hands off the wheel to answer a call, especially if the 2.0 firmware decides not to display the dialog on the first incoming call...



  2. Wheel: Legagy GT Momo w/ 6 buttons (different resistance per button press)


    Button	Programmed As	Result
    Source	Source		Works
    Up	Seek Up		Works
    Down	Seek Down	Works
    Up	Preset Up	Fail
    Down	Preset Down	Fail
    Vol Up	Volume Up	Pass
    Vol Dwn	Volume Down	Pass
    Mute	Mute		Pass (Attenuate toggle)


    Additional info:

    • Pressing and holding Source changes audio source to off.
      Pressing and holding Up/Down seeks up/down on the tuner and fast-forwards/backwards on the iPod.
      Pressing and holding volume up/down increases volume up/down several steps.


    Would have loved preset up/down instead of seek, since the radio interface on this HU (FM and HD) sucks so badly.

  3. Huh. I use the SWI-PS with my Subaru wheel (Legacy MOMO wheel grafted into an Outback wagon) with my AVIC-F90BT. The Volume Up/Down, Mute, Source and Seek Up/Down works. I tried programming the seek buttons as Disk/Preset Up/Down instead (since that works better with the radio modes) but no luck.


    Hopefully it's just a firmware update to fix the protocol, and that PAC will offer "a mail it in to update" method... I need an excuse to open up the dash again to try the replacement GEX-P10HD I got back from Crutchfield (not much motivation if the preset buttons still don't indicate station/frequency info, since the HD reception in PDX seems pretty bad even with the powered antenna).

  4. F-series model: 90BT

    Phone make/model: Samsung i617 (BlackJackII)

    Ease of connection: Works

    Phonebook transfer: Worked pre-2.0, works w/ 2.0 (now, see comments)

    Sound quality: No complaints.

    Comments: Post 2.0 update I had to hard reset the phone and enable serial port service to get the transfer to work. Only ~50% of the contacts made it over, though. Removing SIM contacts and will retry.


    UPDATE: Removing SIM contacts allowed all contacts to be sync'd, but there's no type indicator ((M) versus (H) versus (W), etc) that others claim to have after syncing.

  5. Just tried the hard reset on my Blackjack II (hold up on d-pad then power on). Sync'd my SIM contacts on the first try. Will do another sync with the PC to get my Outlook contacts back and then retry to see if things sync a 2nd time without issue. Will probably still edit the DB, since there's a bunch of stuff I don't need the HU to have in its contact list.


    Also had the phone App unlocked using the MoDaCo unlocker, wondering if that was a source of the problem.

  6. Blackjack II w/ WinMo 6.1, same headache. "No Telephone Number" after clicking OK. Made sure both the "Serial Port" and "Handsfree" were checked in Bluetooth connections on the phone. At least I don't get a reboot, but without the contact list the unit's become less useful to me.


    Should have known better than to try a X.000 release on day 0.

  7. Well, if we can ever get the Parrot Bluetooth stack to let us pair with non-phone devices, there's always the Bluetooth OBD-II dongles (example). This is the next item on my wishlist, once I get it going with the iPAQ (which uses BlueSoleil instead of Parrot for BT) things could get interesting...

  8. I think my biggest gripe so far in the UI design is the frustratingly small height of many of the on-screen buttons in most of the apps (examples: back arrow, FM/AM/HD Presets). If they want to be as undistracting as possible, they need to give someone with a finger that's > 32 pixels tall a larger target to hit. Using the iGo8 from leetcoder's loader or my iPAQ 310 (also has a SiRF Titan and iGo8 on it, uses a different frontend and Bluetooth stack) is tons easier, since they made the buttons huge and easy to hit.


    Also hoping they fix the auto Timezone error that NavNGo patched in iGo 8 at the end of August. I'm tired of my radio thinking it's in Idaho if I check that box (thank goodness I don't drive to other states regularly).

  9. Google search produced this little gem (http://www.navngo.com/pages/global/eng/ ... upport_faq):


    Time-Zone Error in Nav N Go iGO 8

    We inform you that, in the R1 versions of Nav N Go iGO 8, the Windows time zone may be incorrectly set depending on the GPS position (for instance, Minsk is selected for Hungary). The correction is already released in R1 patch (see above).


    The update now can be downloaded free of charge with the use of the Content Manager.

    Also, a workaround is available on your device by editing: /Program Files/iGO8/sys.txt and adding the following lines:




    Attention: The modifications will only be activated when Nav N Go iGO 8 is restarted.


    The latest Nav N Go iGO 8 R1 patch (see above) provides a fix for this error.


    So hopefully the next vaporware update from Pioneer will patch iGo 8 to fix it. Nav N Go didn't have a patch file posted for Pioneer anywhere I could see, it required the device be able to connect to your PC via USB...

  10. GREAT JOB!! this is the best work anyone has ever done for this unit! who need pioneer!!! :P


    But theres one thing that I really always wanted from my unit but no one was able to help me out... I wanted to know if u could write a code to allow the steering wheel buttons to get the voice command, because pressing the knob is really annoying while driving.


    Amen to that. I got the SWI-PS wired up, but having major issues with the radio tuning. Would prefer the up/down arrows controlled the presets, but instead the seek is controlled. Did try skipping seek/track up-down and programming the SWI-PS for preset/disc for those buttons, but they were ignored entirely by the AVIC-F90BT. :evil: Would also prefer the 'Source' button acted like MicB suggested, enabling the voice command. Since it's all GPIOs/event handling, hopefully a button remap could be provided as a future enhancement.


    Thanks leetcoder, keep up the great work! If you ever decide to post source for some of us to lend a hand, pm me.

  11. While playing around in either the emulator or testmode, I launched the file "APL\Shell.exe". That in turn launched mainmenu.exe. Is it possible that shell is what actually handles setting things like the GPS, radio, iPod, etc up, and then av.exe, mainmenu.exe etc handle the UI/events?

  12. Yeah, I live in Portland, OR and when I let the GPS set the clock it sets it 1 hour ahead. Taking it back to self-set on the time zone and choosing PDT puts it back to the right time. No idea why, maybe it thinks I'm in AZ where they don't do DST. :)


    EDIT: Turns out the GPS is placing me in Mountain Standard Time (Boise is auto selected!). The GPS/Time menu indicates I've got excellent signal to multiple satellites, so WTF? I'll have to check my Garmin later to see which time zone that one's detecting...

  13. never mind I am retarded I have the HD tuner I was just having problems tuning in the multicast stuff I adjusted some options for seeking and all is well.


    ad lib, what settings did you end up using? When I first installed my unit multicast worked fine, was able to save presets, etc. Now the Multicast info doesn't show up and, aside from the saved presets, I can't select subprograms from the HD stations.


    My settings:

    - Antenna set to powered at all times (not just radio)

    - Local set to off (also tried w/ Local on and level set to 1)

    - Analog/digital blending on and seek set to HD



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