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  1. Actually, if it's the old F90/F900BT model, then there are actually 2 tuner modules. Antenna goes to an RF splitter, with one output going to the FM/AM Tuner module on the Audio board while the other output goes to the TMC/FM6 module in the Navi board. So you might have a bad FM/AM Tuner module, OR the Navi board isn't doing some sort of correct setup of the Tuner after you put 3.02.100 on the board. There are different device types in the AVIC software (especially the iGo folder) that differentiate between the US and Europe models. Did you happen to flash a European unit with a US upda
  2. OK, finally found my old notes from '09. Here's a copy of the MortScript I used to set up the registry entries the driver needs, copy the driver DLL over to \Windows and hide the Taskbar so it didn't sit on top of av.exe. Hope it helps. ##### # [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Builtin\Ethman\Popup] # Popup=1 # Timeout=3600 (or 0xE10) RegWriteDWord( "HKLM", "Drivers\Builtin\Ethman\Popup", "Popup", 1) RegWriteDWord( "HKLM", "Drivers\Builtin\Ethman\Popup", "Timeout", 3600) ##### # [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\SDCARD\ClientDrivers\Custom\MANF-037A-CARDID-5911-FUNC-1] # "Dll"="WLAN11g.dll" # "Pre
  3. We had a long discussion thread going at one point. In it, I pasted a portion of the MortScript I borrowed from MioPocket that modified a few registry entries I needed for the WiFi settings to pop up: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/23534-wifi-internet-browsing-f500bt-success/page-6&do=findComment&comment=176858 My full setup process was in the Wiki at one point but the article doesn't appear to have been copied over when Jason made the backup to the forum, so I'd need to search my old notes for the full script. Probably won't be able to do that for a week or so. I came
  4. On the AVIC F90/900/700BT, there is a volume/source selection control device that's on the Audio board, separate from the Navi board that does all the audio decoding for the USB/SD and drawing of pretty pictures on the display. If the Navi board doesn't tell the Audio board to choose the USB/SD audio source to send to the speakers before it starts playing, you won't hear the output on the speakers. If you can still run the stock Pioneer software, select SD or USB output and play a WAV or MP3 file. If that works, pause the MP3 then switch over to Core Player and see if you hear output now
  5. Did you connect the wiring harness' main power to the car's "always on" power, or to the "accessory" power (which goes away when you turn the key to off)? What you're describing is the same result you'd get if your car battery died or was disconnected, which removes the "always on" power.
  6. Sorry Shere, the RCAs are for iPod input, it's not an output. The F700/900/90BT models weren't designed for multi-zone audio or output to a second screen. Here's a link to the F700BT's manual page on Pioneer's site for details.
  7. While anything is possible given the right resources (time, money, information) there's a huge hurdle to overcome: drivers for all the devices on the F90 (boot support code, Bluetooth, commands to/from the support chips on the radio board, etc). Without those, you can't really do anything from the OS. Pioneer developed all that code in-house for the version of Windows running on the HU, and they're not likely to share with homebrewers. If you want the latest and greatest OS, the F90's not your best candidate. Best to purchase a newer model, or make yourself a carputer.
  8. Could be NavTeq has the same timezone bugs TeleAtlas/TomTom had with respect to states split across timezones (Florida, SE Oregon). Where are you located? Is there an obvious timezone data file in the maps we could look at in a hex editor (something named "timezone.bin" or similar)?
  9. Search box on the top right does wonders... "Power Supply" gets you a few hits. My favorite's http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31171-atx-power/, but then again I'm biased since I wrote the original Wiki entry.
  10. Yeah, you can do that just fine with the F9*BT series as far as I know. It will depend upon your car's make and model. Some cars send the steering wheel commands over a CAN Bus to the head unit, in which case you'd need one of the SWI-CAN* devices. My car uses a voltage divider network that puts a different voltage on a wire depending upon which button is pushed, and I needed the SWI-PS to convert it to the right protocol for the AVIC. PAC has an application selector on their website you can use (http://pac-audio.com/). That should help identify if any of their products are com
  11. Oh, you can use the controls with the SWI-PS and the AVIC. But as the bullets you pasted state, the way the buttons work won't be 100% like your OEM radio. I have the SWI-PS and the AVIC-F90BT, and it's really annoying that on my car you can only seek the radio station/move to next song on iPod/USB/CD. There's no way to do both the seek and the presets with the number of buttons I have anyway. Since all the SWI-PS does is convert specific voltages on the input line to specific commands on the AVIC remote input, I tried an experiment where I used a 2-button combo when programming the SWI
  12. I got everything I needed to get it working on my F90BT (Spectec WiFi driver DLL + most of the registry entries) from the MioPocket release. http://netfresco.com/MioPocket/ Give it a look through, lots of educational value to their MortScript, etc.
  13. Nope, one of the number one complaints about the add-on. No update from Pioneer nor any hack has solved this yet. One of my biggest complaints aside from the ridiculous choice of short, wide on-screen buttons for the presets in the first place. That, and the fact that I've had two of the HD units stop responding to commands from the head unit...
  14. Actually, the fix is present in some of the hacks now. iGo, for some incredibly bizzare reason, put the whole state of Oregon in the Idaho timezone (we have 1 county on the southeastern edge of the state that actually is in that timezone). The fix is to hex edit a file inside the data.zip. See http://avic411.com/index.php?showtopic=27948#p218802 for the fix.
  15. You can create an empty text file in the same directory as haret.exe which will cause HaRET to log a lot of information about its discovery process. From http://htc-linux.org...n#Early_logging: That same page has some pretty good info about HaRET in general, with some HTC-specifics mixed in. In your haretlog.txt, look for something resembling this: Trying to detect machine (Plat='PIONEER' OEM='Handheld Reference Board BSP version:TitanHHV1.0.47') Wince reports processor: core=ARM1136JF-S name=TN2X0A cat= vend=Centrality That will give you a good start on your search f
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