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  1. Has anyone got TTS to work with stock IGO ? Doing a search, several people seem to have complained of the same problem, but there are no replies with fixes.... Does it work ?
  2. I love this mod...it works really well and is very stable. I mainly use the IGO, occasionaly the Primo and it's good to have the choice...... The only problem I have is that I can't get tts voices to work in IGO. If I select selena, I get the ding but no announcement. I have the voice files and the scansoft directory. What am I missing ?
  3. Thanks...I already have that one....but I think it's a modified version.... I was looking for the original one done by ryar .... the links on page 2 no longer work ....
  4. Does anyone have a link to the avicnetEnglish Euro version ?
  5. Might help if you tell us where you live...........
  6. I installed a wince6 update, not sure where I found it...but I don't think it had anything to do with the gyro. I uploaded it to rapidshare if you want to try it..... https://rapidshare.com/files/4188248518/CE6.zip
  7. I'm sure it's no help to you but thought I should say anyway.. I just installed the italian avicnet2.1 from the links above and my bluetooth works fine. My iphone pairs and downloads the contacts o.k. I am running an avicf710bt......
  8. Thanks for those huchede53.... this is the italian version....seems to work fine...will test more tomorrow.
  9. Could someone please repost a copy of avicnet EU. The link doesn't work.... I would love to try it........
  10. I just bought an f710bt and before I connected my gps antenna it showed me as being in France. Once I connected the antenna it picked up my position straight away. I assume you have an antenna connected ? If so, it must be faulty, or positioned badly.....
  11. You're right. I should have done a search. Thanks......
  12. I have just bought an avic 710bt and would like to mod it indoors before installing it in my car. Can I run it from a power supply of some sort ? Anyone know how many amps this unit draws ?
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