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  1. Password is in password2.rar, I just tried it and it unzipped ok. Use winrar to extract.
  2. Hi Har, try avicnet. You can set it up to launch primo when the map button is pressed, or even auto-launch upon starting. You can't rename primo.exe to ezrider.exe or the unit will reboot a few minutes after starting and a "please wait" banner will stay up on the screen. If you do a lot of reading in these forums you will find that others have tried and had the same result.
  3. It looks like multiupload is down, I will re-up on mega. Just one small change, with the "map button launches primo" option a long press on menu will take you to hobdrive from the AV screen where as it would not before. Edit: Upload failed after several attempts in mega. Someone want to suggest another upload site? Edit 2: NVM, re-upped on mega. Link in post #2
  4. I grabbed some files off my test unit right before it bit the dust and tried them and now it is working. I think it was a corrupt file or something, sorry about that. Anyways, I re-upped on the 2nd page of this thread. If you don't want to copy the whole thing just copy and overwrite everything from the my flash disk/apl2/iGo folder except the content folder onto your unit if you used the 14/04/05 release.
  5. I don't know why it is crashing, maybe the settings need to be adjusted rather than deleted or it holds it's last value. Last I checked increasing the values stopped unwanted behavior; playing with this helped me find the lowest possible memory usage on the stock igo. I don't use stock iGo and mapped my buttons so the Map button launches and controls Primo, there is a download in the second post which will allow you to do so. I even deleted the contents in my iGo/GFX folder to save space so sorry I can't check to see what the issue is. Memory settings in the sys.txt is the only thing I pla
  6. It won't work on your F920BT, only the following: F500BT, F700BT, F900BT, F90BT, X710BT, and X910BT. If you didn't flash a new wince image from the service menu simply revert to your backup and you should be ok. If you did flash a new wince image find the latest one for your unit and flash that.
  7. Since you have to erase your entire my flash disk before starting hybrid 4.0 firmware would be impossible to use (the my flash disk portion anyways), unless it has a fresh wince image in which case you can give it a shot, worst case scenario you would have to flash back using the old wince image. When was it released, do you know? The wince 6.0 upgrade does not update your unit to wince 6.0, it just disables the gyro on f900bt and x910bt so 3rd party programs like primo can "borrow" the gps. I'm not sure who labled it like that but it is misleading. As far as I know wince5.0 is the best we
  8. sgtarky - It is pretty trim as it is, the games are only 24 mb or so. Delete them if you choose, there isn't much else to delete that I can think of. You could copy primo onto an sd card and comment out the maps, buildings, dem, poi lines under [folders] in primo's sys.txt (on the sd card), that way the maps will not be on your units limited flash memory. Unfortunatly they will only work for Primo and not the stock iGo, however. Do you really need 50 states' maps? Guess I'm lucky, the Canada map is only 98 mb. The premium dem file is huge though, over 300 mb. gibear2k5 - My pleasure,
  9. pvdhelm - There is no icon nor files for Garmin. I took it out a long time ago since it was such a dated program and current maps are hard to find. Check out the italian avicnet, I think it still has garmin included. The link is in the first port of this thread. Try 7ways, it is a much nicer looking program and the maps are easily available. The memory problem with stock iGo is due aggressive memory settings in the stock iGo's sys.txt as follows: [debug] max_memory=29980000 If you comment out or delete the max_memory line you won't get those memory errors anymore. I s
  10. I had some time today so I uploaded my My Flash Disk from my unit; it has various changes. It may not be for everyone so make sure you do a full backup in case it doesn't work for you. See the first post of this thread for info. I didn't test the upload since it was pulled from my unit; hopefully I didn't beak anything when I de-personalized and updated the programs. Feel free to post with any issues, questions or general comments.
  11. The download is available at uppit via Multiupload, I am downloading now. A torrent is a good idea but just wouldn't get seeded enough. Re-upping anyways.
  12. According to this post: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37403-f9310bt-f930bt-how-to-get-into-testmodeservicemode/ it is the VW version of an f930bt, so it probably won't work.
  13. 6a) Copy maps,pois, dem files, ect from your backup of "My Flash Disk" to your unit. They are located in my flash disk/apl2/igo/content. Primo will share the stock iGo's maps. You can use Tomtom or Navteq maps. GPS underground is a good place to find them.
  14. I'll try to answer, Many of the menus are located in files with the text typed out in English. When you change to french they will stay the same, you will have to go through, translate and change the text to what you wish. Where is the "one button" (configure) in russian? I'm not sure what you mean. I don't have TMC in my country so unfortunately I can't help much. Read through the thread as others have posted TMC issues and how they resolved them. I'm not quite sure what you are asking on how to start direct on Primo (2), can you clarify? Do you want it to autostart?
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