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  1. iGO NextGen on AVIC F310BT, F320BT U310BT

    Hi. If you have the AppLauncher installed onto your device, then jusd download the content under the link "download and copy to your new SD card" because there is all the files what you need and everything is configurated for the reason of easy2use.
  2. F900Bt original firmware

    Thank you, if this is the Original Voice folder, this have I too, I'm looking for the TTS DVD, maybe there are some other TTS files like Hungarian, what i need.
  3. F900Bt original firmware

    Thank you, but this file is corrupt or empty I'm searching for Hungarian TTS or TTS Pro for F900BT, i hope there is on the Original DVD.
  4. F900Bt original firmware

    Here you can find the original firms. https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/support/software-firmware-downloads/avic-f900bt If someone has the original TTS DVD please uploaded it. Thank you.
  5. TTS Voice Files

    Hello. Where can I found the original TTS disc? I would like to get Hungarian TTS if it is possible somehow.
  6. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi there. There is another version, i have made a try and it is running too, I only have issues with TTS or TTS PRO, they are still not working, TMC I thing not but I can't test it fully.
  7. Startig a new thread for the NextGen, because there is hope to run it. - Needed tools for get this work on your unit: Unit with working modded AppsLauncher made by Pionara. (This is a MUST HAVE, without this there is no chance to use NextGen). IMPORTANT! If you start all the things from zero, read carefully 2-4 times the whole AppLauncher topic by Pionara, because you can brick your unit!!! If you have F320BT please DO NOT UPDATE YOUR UNIT WITH CNSD130FM -> This will brick it!!! When you got a unit with working Applauncher then: SD card (in my F310BT I use a 16Gb Sandisc microSD with SD adapter), if you want to cover whole EU, then a 8-16Gb card is a must have to you. SD card reader ot microSD card reader if you have Adapter to use it. (doing this with the unit in PC mode is also working). If you have this in place then here comes the easy way I made a package to download and copy to your new SD card and all this things will working. In this package is no MAPS inside only some licenses, so if you got your own maps, copy them with your working Licenses and it will work. Unfortunately now I don't know how to get iGO8 and Nextgen working on the same SD card, because only the igolauncher is able to launch navigation sofrware, the empty launcher is not, but if there is any solution for this then we can modify the AVIC-APPS folder containing those launchers, right now i don't have a clue. Known Issues: TTS is not Working now and TMC also not, under iGO8 is working fine, maybe some setup or modification is needed in my files. This was the concrete app version, what I have try to get work, I linked here. but there is some issue what i don't fid right now, so i have modified the sys file and the app launcher's iGO8 launching file (igolauncher) because when i set up the empty one (generic launcher), then it wont start. (maybe I'm just too noob for this) So now the only way to run it is to modify the igolauncher script and it's working, but now only the Nextgen is running: So if there will be some of us to help to bring this alive then there will be another great device back to live, because there is still some things to do but I'm not so smart to solve all the issues with this, and the best solution is, I think, if iGO8 and NextGen could be run/ chosen from the app lib. Let's talk about this + help needed!
  8. Image F900bt

    Hi. Here You can find the Original F900BT images https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/support/software-firmware-downloads/Avic-f900bt I'm looking for TTS CD but i don't find any copy of this, i need all the TTS files for F900BT or only Hungarian but i don't find nothing :(. BR.
  9. Hi. I done the mod on my F310BT and it works great. Is there anybody who has the original apps downloaded from the AVICFEED 2.4 PC app?
  10. Hello. Is here anyone who can help me? I need backup files for my F310BT or a working backup from an modified device, because I'm afraid i will brick my device if i do this method, as i read from the prev. posts... Is there any working method to get get this device working with modified software, like iGO8 or Primo. I had a problem with my device it is an F310BT on 1.0004 Firmware, but the AvicFeed icon is grey and if i start the unit the navigation starts and not the laucher. How can i reset this to work properly, because i have don reset with button, from software but nothing helped me. I also downloaded the AvicFeed PC app to get the apps but it not recognise any SD card ot the unit in PC connectivity mode....
  11. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    YW. so don't be afraid, this is normal, and i think if you read the AVIC Net topic this can change back, only some file needs to modify i think...
  12. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Jesus This is normal, the AVIC NET does this, because the start screen is this. This is because if you drive @ night, then this splash screen won't burn out your eyes If you hit the button on the "Kaart" then the normal "stock" map appears. If you push menu button then the stock menu splash appears = Avicnet, Contact, Audio if i remember... If you push long the MENU button then NEXTGEN starts. If you push long MAP button, then backgroung light adjust comes in. So, i hope i helped with this, but this is not a BUG, this is a feature. BR
  13. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi, what is this means? Can u share a picture what do you see? Stock navi is Working? What ani issues you have?
  14. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi. Now it's working fine i put some older (2015) licence files in, because i only have older maps, but now all things working fine ú Here some pictures:
  15. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Start copying content to unit system is runung NextGen is starting ... tada.wav :D