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  1. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    to check the update matches the manifest you can probably run something like this: #!/usr/bin/perl # # parses ALLDATA.VER manifest # lists files, sizes, and verifies crc32b # use Digest::CRC; my $crc = Digest::CRC->new(type=>"crc32"); my $filename = "ALLDATA.VER"; if (@ARGV) { $filename = $ARGV[0]; } open(my $fh, $filename) or die "can't open $filename"; binmode($fh); ## check file crc # get crc from end seek($fh, -4, 2); my $filecrcpos = tell($fh); read($fh, my $filecrcraw, 4); my $filecrc = unpack("L", $filecrcraw); # check actual crc of file seek($fh, 0, 0); read($fh, my $filecontents, $filecrcpos); $crc->add($filecontents); my $crccalc = $crc->digest(); $crc->reset(); if ($filecrc == $crccalc) { print "File CRC check OK. "; } else { printf("File CRC check FAILED. File crc: %08x, calculated crc: %08x\n", $filecrc, $crccalc); } ## now begin read # skip magic, seek($fh, 4, 0); # filesize read($fh, my $filesize, 4); # skip something? seek($fh, 36, 1); # total file records read($fh, my $numrecsraw, 4); my $numrecs = unpack("l", $numrecsraw); my $fcounter = 0; my $isdir = 1; # track directory/filename mode my $currdir = ""; while ($fcounter < $numrecs) { read($fh, my $sectionsizeraw, 4); my $sectsize = unpack("i", $sectionsizeraw); for (my $j=0; $j < $sectsize; $j++) { read($fh, my $rawtext, 56); my @fnameraw = unpack("C*", $rawtext); read($fh, my $rawdata, ; my ($fsize, $fcrc) = unpack("L L", $rawdata); # cant figure out the multibyte magic needed to make perl unpack this to ascii, so must hack/map my $fname = join("", map { if ($_ > 0x0 && $_ < 0x80) { chr($_) } } @fnameraw); if ($isdir) { # build directory path $currdir = $currdir . "$fname/"; } else { # list files printf(" %s, size: %d, crc: %08x, ", $fname, $fsize, $fcrc); my $fullname = "$currdir$fname"; if ( -e $fullname ) { open(my $testfh, $fullname) or die "can't read $fullname"; binmode($testfh); $crc->addfile(*$testfh); my $fcrccalc = $crc->digest(); $crc->reset(); if ($fcrc == $fcrccalc) { print "CRC OK"; } else { printf("CRC BAD. crc calculated: %08x", $fcrccalc); } } else { print "FILE $fullname NOT FOUND."; printf(" %x", $fullname); } print "\n"; $fcounter++; } } # toggle dir/filename mode if ($isdir) { print "$currdir\n"; $isdir = 0; } else { $currdir = ""; $isdir = 1; } }
  2. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    to see the structure of the cardinfo.cif, you can run this command (linux/mac) on cardinfo and see where the model codes are placed. I think they can be anywhere in the middle as long as they are on these 6 letter boundaries. Seems like there is alot of obfuscation there. sed -e 's/#Pionee//' -e 's/....../&\n/g' CARDINFO.cif
  3. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    cardinfo.cif is just signalling unit that there is an update on the SD card. I dont think it has versioned information. I do know that there are some special fields at char position 16 and 17. I think they are normally ascii "00" and can be 01, etc but I dont recall exactly what those are used for. Regarding the rest of the cardinfo, starting at about the 20th char, and every group of 6 chars after that, there could be the model codes that were discussed before. This goes on through much of the rest of the file, and then there may be some other section towards the end of the file, again not sure if thats used or what its used for. So you can replace or add your own model code in there. I think that if your model code is listed in cardinfo.cif and the unit reboots, then cardinfo is finished. So the problem here is not with cardinfo. The verinfo has a major version and i think an update type (normal vs urgent). I think this is also set correctly to do an update. The ALLDATA.VER has a manifest of all the files in the update, including size and crc32. I think this is used by update to verify the files are correct. I'm suspecting that something else isn't right in the case of "Incorrect SD card" - perhaps there is an os-level "platform" update which is only for certain hardware model.
  4. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    you can use the same VERINFO.DAT they used in the 2015 European Map Update thread.
  5. stop messing with all of that, there is an easier way just be patient
  6. Navigation Update 2015 Avic-F920BT

    If some was to post an archive/zip of the complete update sdcards, I'm certain that someone on this forum could be smart enough to figure out how to unlock it
  7. it's only for Z140 hardware - it's not tied to the application/platform software version 5.x, which can be applied to all 110 series
  8. after you have 2013/5.0 installed, get the 5.1 update from pioneer site for z140 and install that. take the navi.exe from the 5.1 update, mod it, then put it on usb or sd with testmode.key, and use file maintenance (file manager) to copy over to your unit. recall that if USER/PRG.FLG is present the unit is booting sw in USER/PRG1 instead of USER/PRG0 recall that you will need to delete target navi.exe before copying…
  9. navi.exe - to get rid of nag screen… updated post it's theoretically possible to pre-mod the file, and use the update mechanism to deploy it.. You would need to edit the EU090APL.VER file which is a "manifest" of files included in the update(including maybe size, but crc32 i think). I recall posting what I discovered in some other threads long ago, but it's too much work when you can just redeploy the patched file through testmode or testmode script after you do the 2013 update, then the 5.1 update. PS for the 5.1 update one can remove the TESTMODE.KEY and FIRMWARE folder, only leaving AVICZ110 folder with the application update, if you do not have the Z140, but some other upgraded system, say like z130,x930, etc). The testmode.key is for doing a ucom firmware update which only works on specific hardware model (z140), and the BT FW update is already 3.32 i think.
  10. re: getting rid of nag screen On 5.1 firmware (available for Z140 - but the application update portion can be applied to any unit upgraded to 2013/5.0 - I just applied to my Z130) Navi.exe at offset BE9A4 (version 5.1): change 05 00 00 0A to 00 00 A0 E1 update: just verified this is working
  11. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    regarding CARDINFO.cif and which values it needs to ahve in it in order for your unit to recognize an update: see one of my old posts on this... I'm not entirely sure those are all accurate, but you could experiment.. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35293-challenge-restoring-vr-on-x930bt-and-friends/&do=findComment&comment=257674 all the cardinfo.cif file does is signal your device that there is an update on the sd that it should look at.
  12. avic 930bt update maps and software

    wow, people trying to make money illegally off of pioneer Doubt if this is a legal version. I bet 100 dollars that they are using my supereasy method with my verinfo.dat from 2013 EU update. That is sad because it was only ever meant for legal owners to have an alternate install method, not for people to pirate and sell illegally on ebay.
  13. can you delete the SECURITY.DAT if you are using my testmode-x50v2 then it shoudl be possible.. sorry i dont know for this model, i cant help more
  14. Pioneer AVIC-X910BT Brickified

  15. NavTeq 2013

    right. but makes sense in the pioneer-crack-monkey-product-versioning-number-scheme right in the middle of the z110,120,130,140 -> 150 is a major platform and UI update. Why wouldnt you call this z210, or even z250 ? Same as when they went from x910 -> x920, completely different hardware/software, but looking at the product number you would think it was a minor update!