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  1. That was the problem, thank you for all your hard work and help with this
  2. Avic Z130BT crapped out

    Why pn earth would he also need to pull the (-) cable?
  3. Z130 upgraded to Z140

    Time to actually spend the $200 and fix the radio. Stop being a tight ass!
  4. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

  5. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

  6. Upgrading X920BT

  7. Can't type password in the AVIC-F840BT

    If the radio is wired properly then you need to apply the parking brake. If it's not, then you need to make sure that you have either bypassed the parking brake or wire it properly.
  8. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    I have never seen such a large group of ingrates in my life. It's no wonder the site is pretty much dead! A bunch of freeloaders if you ask me!
  9. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Sorry, can't help! This has to be the most ass tight sites I have ever been on. Out of the almost 100 downloads, only a couple thank yous and nothing more. While I do have several different models and even a X950 model, I will no longer help ingrates!
  10. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

  11. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    The cardinfo has yet to be cracked. If someone can get ahold of the EU version I'm sure that would work.
  12. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    These are the stock files and haven't been password hacked yet correct?
  13. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    If you choose to actually read the thread you would know that it's not available for that model yet.
  14. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    That's the latest update, not sure why your having problems.