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  1. Help Did software update Now screen of death

    sounds like you got a bad internal SD card.. you need to download the image and flash it to a new card
  2. software error screen

    Need the image for a 5000nex if anyone has it. Thanks
  3. The AVIC Development Mod

    I dont have the first x000 but here are the other 3 - x000(5000-8000NEX F960BT/DAB F60BT/DAB) FW 1.07/1.08 -N/A - x000(5000-8000NEX F960BT/DAB F60BT/DAB) FW 1.11/1.13/1.14/1.15 - iGO ver: -http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/umaUmJrz/file.html - x100(5100-8100NEX F970BT/DAB/TV F70/77DAB) FW 1.05/1.07/1.10 - iGO ver: -http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/rNSxly7G/file.html - x200(AVIC-x200NEX/AVIC-Fx8x ) FW 1.00/1.02/1.07 - iGO ber: -http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/QX47zzdn/file.html
  4. Finally got around to flashing my friends using the 110/120/920 cif. Worked great. Awesome work Ron. People if you used this, please donate! I've got a few.. make sure to take care of Ron and shortfuse if hes got one too!
  5. anyone try this on a x920/z110/z120 yet? RonS: are the DLLs the same? Can I in theory take my patched (working) dll from you and use it on a x920? I have a friend who wants to do this on his x920 and he keeps telling me his prg folders dont have the DLL.. was wondering if he could copy yours over, then do the install. If so, I will have him try with the cif you posted
  6. goos to go on my x940. Thanks your DLL did the trick. Still not sure what tf happend with mine.. i double checked it and everything was correct
  7. Going to try this tonight! Finally not dying. On another note, anyone tried this with the x920/z120 cif file? I have a buddy with a z120bt who im trying to convince to try it but he doesnt wanna be the guinea pig
  8. Sweet! Im going to try my own soon. Still dying on the couch currently. Glad it worked
  9. well its not a giant map file.. its a zip, with a ton of files inside of it.. not sure what youre askin
  10. yea i grqbbed it.. will keep you posted. thnx
  11. I tried it with the original sd and got the same error.. going to try your dll here if i get enough strength
  12. version is 6.0.. x940.. im going to try you dll in a few.. i think my strep or whatever it was came back... dying at work today
  13. Let me look I and see if I took a pic last night
  14. I have the original.. I will try yours. As for the .dll in the non-active prg, do you just leave that one how it is? i nly messed with the 1