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  1. BigCiX is correct, the unit will have to be sent back to pioneer for service..if under warrenty its covered if not under warrenty its like 100 dollars plus shipping to fix
  2. if you using maestro check the settings in the radio under OEM settings and make sure bluetooth is on..
  3. Quick question..by any chance you running OS9 beta? The reason I ask is because I had the same issues as you describe with mines and once I reverted back to IOS8.4.1 my Bluetooth issues went away.. So I chalk it up to a glitch on ios9..
  4. I am not sure about the issues mentioned above, I haven't experienced any of these symptoms , for the album art being faint in the background I really don't have an issue with it because if I go to the home screen the album art is perfectly display to the right all I have to do is click it and whats playing info is displayed with the album art. as for carplay not showing up in the settings, you have to plug the phone with the cable to initialize carplay and have it show up in your settings. as for wireless I am not sure its such a good feature, connecting wirelessly would drain your battery ra
  5. hello everyone, wanted to pick your brains on which rear view back up camera you consider best for the nex-8000..I am looking at the pioneer nb6 but wanted input on other models that work better.. thanks
  6. i am running 8.3 beta and can say that carplay wireless does not work.i have the NEX8000...the response time and stability of carplay has improved significantly. you no longer have to unlock your phone to allow carplay to start on the unit..Bluetooth connectivity and sound is sharp and clear..they are improving just at a slow rate lol..
  7. They do..just ask sir to list your email. She will read em
  8. I tried to format my sd card as fat but its a 16gig micro sd card and it does not support that high of a card..when formatted as ntfs the radio gives me the same error message as well as formatted as fat32..any suggestions anyone I am unable to update..thanks in advance
  9. I am not experiencing any of the symptom you mention
  10. i wonder why no voice command on navigation. what a bummer i liked being able to just say where i wanted to go instead of typing everything..i am just lazy like that..lol
  11. hello everyone so far i am in love with my avic-8000nex even after having to send it to Piooner for warrenty repair..eitherway the question i have is is it me or does the 8000 does not have voice command navigation. i used to have an avic120 and i seem to remember i was able to activate the voice command and actually speak my address destination..
  12. i had the same issue where when i searched for stations on HD mode it would not pick up any stations it would just search and seacr. i had to purchase an amplified antenna since my OEM antenna was the culprit. once the amp antenna was installed and pluged in it works perfectly might be the same issue for you.
  13. Yes that very screen..but I didn't have an sd card put in yet..thus screen came up right after I rebooted because it was froze in tge eula accept screen
  14. it was an avic8000nex unit i bought the unit thrue savinglots.com brand new in the box. not sure if they are an authorize dealer but i told the rep when she asked me where i bought it that i had no clue because it was given to me as a birthday gift by my father..she said ok gave me an rma number and where to ship it. repairs will be under warrenty.
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