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  1. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    ^^^ Software piracy is a criminal offense.
  2. Mount kit for AVIC-6100NEX and 2014 Honda CR-V

    FInally got a few pics of the Pioneer AVIC-6100NEX mounted in my 2014 Honda CR-V EX-L...notice how deep the unit sits, compared to the 5000 in my sig pic... This is the 5000...notice the ridge around the unit is flat... This is the 6100...notice the ridge around the unit takes a significant dip to the right of the buttons... The local shop told me this is by design, if we raise the unit, the buttons would stick out past the dash surface. Personally I think it is an ugly design, now that it is installed. But it is what it is.
  3. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    I agree, yearly, no problem...quarterly, no thanks.
  4. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    I think the take away is to tolerate some whining from folks, including me, who are just not happy about being charged for map updates. I wouldn't mind paying $100 for lifetime map updates. That's reasonable. But $149 for every quarterly update is not acceptable. Saying "get over it" is a little condescending. Don
  5. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    That's a fair assessment and likely a lucrative business model for them. However, Apple CarPlay Maps is updated continuously, and we don't get charged. So is Android Auto maps. So is Waze maps. So I don't buy into the "they don't update themselves; you've gotta pay" bit. Someone has a "lock" and is able to milk their customers, and they will continue to do so, until a better solution comes along. Trust me, once CarPlay Maps and/or Android Auto Maps have the features I need, Pioneer can shove their maps fee up their CAN bus. Sorry for being snarky, but I have very little tolerance for companies that rape their customers. PS, this is why I hold on to my Dual XGPS160, so CarPlay Maps can have real GPS...connecting to a CarPlay unit doesn't solve the A-GPS issue. Thanks, Don
  6. I swapped out my AVIC-5000NEX for a AVIC-6100NEX and I couldn't be happier. Except for one thing...the head unit is about 3/8" deeper in the mount than the previous head unit. Comparing the two head units, it looks like the 6100 has a higher mounting ridge, so it sits deeper. I went to Crutchfield and they don't mention different mounting depths for the unit. Anyone have a 6100 mounted in a 2014 CR-V? Do you have the same problem? Here is what I found on Crutchfield, didn't see any alternate mounting depth options. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_142HA1714B/Scosche-HA1714B-Dash-Kit.html I'll try to get/post a picture of the 6100 so you can see what I mean. TIA, Don
  7. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    I updated mine a few weeks ago. Figured this would happen. How Pioneer can be a full year behind, and then charge for incremental updates, is just laughable.
  8. Carplay getting major updates with iOS 9.3

    I'm not convinced Apple is going allow third party navigation apps like Waze to work in CarPlay. Too many distractions. I complained for the longest time about how bare bones the CarPlay Maps function is, but then I've grown to appreciate how simple it is. Less to look at, less distraction.
  9. iPhone 6, Carplay, and Waze

    Only one navigation option can run at a time. If you're using NEX navigation, and switch to CarPlay Maps, NEX will cancel the route. Same vice versa. I found this to be a really well thought out function/behavior. There are times I'm using NEX navigation but I want to switch to CarPlay Maps as I enter a large city, and I just tell SIRI where I want to go, and it'll cancel the NEX navigation and take you right into CarPlay Maps.
  10. Maestro RR features limited by Pioneer?

    The PAC RP4-HD11 was as plug-n-play as is possible by any unit. Its been problem free, highly recommended if you have a 3th Generation CR-V.
  11. Maestro RR features limited by Pioneer?

    Sorry for the rant LOL what i meant is iDataLink have promised support for i-Mid for a year now but have not delivered. So I've been sitting on the RR waiting for what turned out to be vaporware.
  12. Firmware 1.10 is out for older NEX radios

    Sorry for the late response, check out iDataLink's response...not a fan of their products to be honest. http://www.12voltdata.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=59159#p59159 So... http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/82035-maestro-rr-features-limited-by-pioneer/?p=338564
  13. Maestro RR features limited by Pioneer?

    I have a 2014 Honda CR-V EX-L, and I still have the iDataLink Maestro RR that I removed, and in it's place I put a RP4-HD11. I also bought the PAC-UP to keep it updated. Not a fan of iDataLink, since they don't cater to do-it-yerself'ers, instead you've got to go through a dealer. That's the kind of trap I never ever want to fall into. Anyone interested in the RR if anyone wants to make an offer.
  14. Naviextras map update question

    This is intriguing, I wondered whether this would be possible. Have you confirmed this?
  15. Naviextras map update question