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  1. Carplay with 9.3 has gotten a lot better in this respect.
  2. I don't need it, but my girlfriend has her music and her playlists that she likes to listen to and she can change tracks on her phone without disturbing my maps.
  3. Honestly I downloaded the new 9.3 beta on my iPhone and the improvements to carplay leave me pretty happy with my old NEX-4000 radio. I would love to have a capacitive screen so I would have the better version of carplay, but it is nice that I can plug in both my phone and my girlfriend's iPhone at the same time and use my phone to navigate while her phone plays music. Pioneer keeps providing bug fixes and the radio definitely performs better than the day I got it. I don't know, I really like the JBL, but I don't know if I like it enough to go through the work of swapping radios.
  4. Found a gold mine. FCC released all the info on the JBL unit months ago including a crude first draft of the manual. https://fccid.io/HFS-XE5
  5. We infuriatingly know very little about the JBL's OS. No one really filmed the thing in action at CES. Carplay radios did not get much coverage honestly.
  6. Apple needs to really beef up their 3rd party support for CarPlay. Only audio apps and they barely work probably because the SDK for it is shit. I don't even use any 3rd party apps for that very reason. First party apps on CarPlay are great though. Much better than anything else I've ever used anyways.
  7. I watched the CES demos of the original nex units. The 4000-8000. They were supposed to have these features from the start. Hell. The demos were nearly identical. This is not guaranteed until they launch and honestly there are better radios from Kenwood for that money that are where people's money should go if they want those features. Me? I don't give a damn about that. My car doesn't have that. I'm buying the JBL radio. 400 bucks for capacitive is nice for me.
  8. Hey they were drinking the sweet sweet money of no real competition for a year. I'm sure they thought no one was going to ever try.
  9. Finally got an answer through a YouTube video. The big changes with this year are auto switching between android auto and CarPlay and more powerful idatalink support. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bGUeUL3-xKA
  10. Sorry guys that's not possible. None of the Pioneer units have built in Wifi. The Alpine ILX-007 had a dormant Wifi Chip on the launch units, but later machines didn't. Bluetooth doesn't have the bandwidth and I doubt Pioneer will support using a USB Wifi stick with the units. Possibly the new units coming out of CES could have dormant wifi with carplay in mind, but that's unlikely as well.
  11. New features include finally incorporating the "For You" and "What's new" sections of Apple music right in carplay, vast improvements to radio station discovery, and more. The music app has been revamped top to bottom. The Maps app also gains the new features of iOS 9, so you can browse for locations based on type, and it gives star ratings to the locations based on yelp reviews. Very nice IMO. Finally showing off what carplay can really do. Buy a radio once and get updates for life constantly making the radio better through your iPhone. http://9to5mac.com/2016/01/11/ios-9-3-apple-mu
  12. There was no change to which units used what. The 8x00 has always been the only capacitive unit. There is also the Appradio 4 which will never get android auto because google requires a larger screen for it supposedly. If they made a new generation appradio with a 7 inch screen again it would probably get android auto. Regardless I've seen all the new radios from CES and my money is going to JBL. They made a real winner.
  13. Honestly if the headunits could do that they would put that front and center. A feature that great would be a huge deal. No one else has done it yet. I was expecting to see someone announce it at CES but neither the OEMs or the aftermarket makers have announced anything.
  14. OHHH I found something! The new NEX radios no longer support MirrorLink. How's that for an upgrade guys? Great stuff. http://imgur.com/a/LQCcs http://imgur.com/a/C2tmh
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