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  1. The answer is maybe. That's one of those things you just have to try...
  2. SPH DA-120 Wired Remote Voice Command

    I'm not sure about the SWI-CP5, but I have an Axxess ASWC-1 adapter in use with my SPH-DA120 and I can definitely get Siri to work by using the "push to talk" button on my steering wheel.
  3. Pioneer AVIC 8200-NEX Questions

    1. I don't think so 2. No, CarPlay can reads text out loud only. I do not believe NEX mode supports any texting functions. 3. That is indeed USB port #1. There are two USB ports in the back of the unit. The installer should have installed extension cords to make them accessible from the cabin. Furthermore, USB-1 is the port needed for CarPlay. If you have CarPlay working, then your lightning cable is already routed to USB-1. 4. Rear source is not for the backup camera. It's for expanding the system for rear-seat entertainment. Check out the manuals. It's all in there. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVIC-8200NEX#manuals
  4. 8000NEX issues

    Aside from Metra, I found this one by Googling for it. http://www.janus-design.net/english/e81-e82-e87-e88-double-din/index.php I can't really help much with the lightning cable (cord) issue... Sometimes all it takes is a hard restart of the phone to fix these types of issues.
  5. Start car/head unit in low volume or mute

    I don't think so. My audio/video receiver at home does that. It's a great feature. It takes a little effort, but I got myself into the habit of turning the volume low before I shut off the car. It's become second nature. I do understand the desire to automate this, as I automate everything I possibly can.
  6. AVH-4100NEX Radio Stopped Working

    Any updates on this? This has happened to my AppRadio 4 on a couple of occasions, except the radio came eventually came back. I can't recall if it was after a restart or if I just changed sources and then came back to the radio.
  7. Which USB to use?

    Both CarPlay and AppRadio Mode need to use USB 1. I don't think it was ever intended to allow users to swap between modes very easily (without swapping connections). Hint: Even if you do change connections, I've noticed that an iPhone must be rebooted when you change from AppRadio Mode to CarPlay and vice versa. Otherwise you get weirdness. Somebody else here has had the same experience. This makes switching between modes even less friendly. It's more of a choice you have to commit to rather than something you can switch between at will.
  8. Release dates of Pioneer NEX units

    I agree with your sentiment. Pioneer does what it needs to do in order to keep its car audio division afloat. Car audio has been a niche market in general and it's getting smaller (no data - just a gut feeling). There simply isn't the economy of scale in this market that can drive R&D up and prices down simultanelously.
  9. I don't have experience with FLAC files on a large SSD (I've only used small USB sticks). But if you need some information sooner rather than later... http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=Pioneer+NEX+flac+SSD
  10. I just saw a post on another forum with a picture of this happening on an AppRadio4! I guess even if the AR4 screen is made differently than the AR2 (source: Pioneer email), it didn't do much good. http://appradioworld.17289.n7.nabble.com/AppRadio-4-Strange-marks-across-entire-screen-td1196.html#a1199
  11. iHeartRadio and carplay with NEX4000

    I get the same thing with Iheartradio as well as TuneIn. It may happen with other third party apps but I use these two the most and haven't noticed it otherwise. It's my understanding that everything should work as expected even when the phone is locked (black screen). Obviously this doesn't happen. I don't know if it's an issue with the apps or with CarPlay. I suppose you can write an iTunes review for iheartradio and mention this problem, then you can contact apple to share your experience. http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
  12. power off

    When you turn it back on without touching the car's key/ignition/pushbutton, does the unit reboot from the splash screen or does the screen just come back on? If it's the latter, then no your unit does not turn off. It's merely in "standby".
  13. 5200 NEX and you tube?

    If you're using CarPlay, it doesn't do video (for obvious reasons). If you use AppRadio mode, it will show video provided that the parking brake is engaged (or bypassed). If you just want to display video from your iPhone from then all you need to do is use an AV adapter (same one for AppRadio Mode) with an HDMI cable into the HDMI input on the back of the head unit. USB will not pass video by istself. Need elaboration? Take a look at the owner's manual. It's all in there!
  14. AVH-4100NEX possessed

    Use the volume control to adjust Siri's volume. This can only be done while Siri is "active". Otherwise the volume control will adjust the media volume instead (as expected). If you observe the volume levels on the screen you can see that they are independent. It's pretty easy to accidentally change Siri's volume. That feature should be in a separate setting IMO.
  15. Auto EQ Mic

    People have gotten other mics to work. There may a be a calibration issue with a different mic however.